10 creative ways to leverage customer reviews on social media

For a long time, getting consumer feedback has been a difficult process. Without having someone on the ground to speak to customers or to send out long and tedious questionnaires, businesses were stuck. Social media created a revolution in the way consumers could respond to businesses. Instead of having a one-sided discussion, the company can now exchange information with the buyer both ways.

Customer reviews on social media can have an extreme impact on how other potential customers view the business. But how can a business leverage its social media reviews to attract new customers? These 10 professionals Forbes Communications Council explore how a business can go about it creatively.

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1. Create a template

Using your brand’s visual identity, create several eye-catching social media templates for consumer reviews sized for your most popular platforms (e.g. Instagram stories, LinkedIn, etc.). Turning positive customer testimonials into branded content allows you to promote your products and services in a way that looks visually aligned but natural and authentic to your customer base. – Melissa Kandel, little word workshop

2. Take an emotion-focused approach

Move away from posts structured like ‘this product is great and this customer agrees’ and replace that with a’ see how happy this consumer is, now let me explain the product that is. made it so happy ”is one way to leverage the credibility of customer reviews. An emotion-focused approach makes the reader more interested in the following product information. – Lynn kier, Diebold Nixdorf

3. Encourage user-generated content

Leverage the creativity and authenticity of your customers to promote your brand on social media. Create a contest so customers can submit videos of themselves using your product and your followers can enter by voting for their favorite video. If you can align your contest with a relevant and trending topic, you will gain traction. You also benefit from the identification of brand ambassadors. – Kay midthun, Wisconsin Reinsurance Company

4. Build a rewards program

Recording client stories in professional studios or worse, hiring paid actors, is a strategy of the past. The most successful testimonials are authentic and relevant, which means that they are often user-generated content. Create a loyalty program that rewards brand evangelists for creating YouTube videos or Instagram stories, and you can see your organic reach grow. – Vincent phamvan, Vyten career coaching

5. Create weekly customer features

From user generated content to tweets and reviews, you can reward and highlight customer love every week on social media through recurring Instagram / Facebook stories and tag them so they can share them again. This gives the brand positive credit while also giving fans a reason to post and share their love for a chance to be featured, increasing your overall UGC and mentions. – Dixie roberts, DKC / HangarFour

6. Share why you are proud

Most reviews and testimonials say similar things: They love you and you have helped their business. When you post on social media, explain why you are sharing. If the message is: “Look! Someone loves us!” it’s not enough. Use the caption to highlight the differentiators, the variety of your customer base, and your knowledgeable employees. Explain why you are proud of the exam and how your values ​​shine. – Ellen sluder, RingBoost

7. Leverage video testimonials

One of the best ways to capture the attention of customers is to have video testimonials. When I do my freelance PR work, I ask a lot of my clients to send me videos of them explaining how I have helped them and why they enjoy working with me. When I post these videos on my social media accounts, I see a big increase in revenue, especially if the videos are from influencers. – Christian Anderson, Lost Boy Entertainment Company & Bentley Records

8. Get started with your customers

We’ve all seen the repetitive video testimonials and yes, they still work. Why not change it and do a live broadcast with one of your clients? Not only do you get them excited by giving them extra publicity, but you also allow them to give real-time genuine reactions to your collaboration. It sounds scary, but a livestream implicitly creates the confidence, necessary to shut down your future prospects. – Patrick ward, Root-root

9. Focus on Instagram Stories and Videos

If you get great customer reviews or testimonials, turn them into Instagram videos and stories! Add great visuals, music, stickers, etc. for people to want to read and interact with them. Don’t take this as a “bragging” about your product. Instead, try to praise and like people who took the time to give their feedback. And don’t forget to reuse user-generated content. – Christina hager, Digital ovation

10. Identify the opinions worth sharing

Customers are constantly looking for a word of mouth affirmation before making a buying decision. One way to use reviews is to use social listening to track customer sentiment and identify testimonials that are worth sharing. For example, that could mean engaging and retweeting a customer’s review about a positive shopping experience, as well as repurposing it for sharing on other owned channels. – Mélissa Rivers, Mattress company

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