49% of consumers are dissatisfied with in-app customer support / World of digital information

Smartphone apps have become a mainstay of productivity while staying informed about the world, and research has shown that 67% of Americans use apps on their phones every day. Despite that being the case, about 49% of Americans who used smartphone apps daily said they were unhappy with the in-app customer support they received.

This information comes from a survey conducted by Helpshift, and with all of that having been said and now out of the way, it’s important to note that only 12% of people who took the survey said that their built-in customer support on application the experience was excellent. 38% said it was fair and 8% said it was downright poor. A lack of built-in support is a factor here, with 54% of Americans agreeing they missed it in their day-to-day apps.

An even bigger source of frustration for daily app users is excessive wait times. 66% of people who took part in this survey said wait times were too long, and many were kicked out of queues without their concerns being addressed. 56% of survey respondents said they believe apps should improve customer service and make it more accessible, all of which was considered and addressed.

Improving in-app customer support can benefit apps because it’s the kind of thing that could potentially end up making customers more loyal to the brands behind them. 71% of customers said a bad experience with in-app customer support would make them switch to a competitor, 86% said quality in-app support would make them want to stay with a brand.

Consumer retention is critical for brands, and focusing on the experience surrounding in-app support is one of them. This is also a major issue for Metaverse users, as despite 83% of them having access to in-app support, 67% said they felt it took too long, indicating low levels of approval among consumers.

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Joseph P. Harris