5 qualities that customer reviews must lead

Most buyers have their first interaction with a business online, where the business name, contact details, and hours of operation are listed next to their star rating. Before taking any other action with a view to a purchase, 95% of buyers read customer reviews.

However, star rating is just one of many factors that buyers consider when reading reviews. This article will look at 5 characteristics of positive customer reviews and how they motivate buyers to make a purchase.

How? ‘Or’ What many opinion that a company has

For customer reviews, companies should seek both quality and quantity. A variety of unique positive reviews exemplify a business’s ability to maintain consistent customer satisfaction.

Buyers typically read multiple reviews to get a full picture of a company’s reputation, with most read at least four Customer reviews. And that’s not all. While buyers only read a few reviews, they also take into account a company’s total reviews in addition to their overall rating, with more reviews indicating a greater level of trustworthiness for buyers.

How? ‘Or’ What detailed and precise the reviews are

Buyers read reviews to find out how happy past customers are with a company’s products or services and their overall experience from start to finish on their buying journey.

While a five-star review can illustrate customer satisfaction, it doesn’t exactly illustrate what made the experience great. A Consumption study found that buyers consistently rate the content of a review as more valuable than the rating alone, revealing little about the actual customer experience.

How? ‘Or’ What recent the reviews are

Over time, employees, products, and services can change, so buyers find recent reviews the most reliable.

Additionally, with mask warrants, vaccination requirements, and travel restrictions impacting daily life, the way companies do business has changed dramatically and is likely to continue to evolve. Buyers expect reviews to illustrate how a business has handled such changes.

Therefore, buyers are unlikely to watch more than six months notice, according to BrightLocal. For businesses, that means consistent, fresh feedback is essential to a positive reputation.

How does a business respond to critics

Responses, especially negative reviews, speak volumes about a company’s professionalism and conflict resolution practices. that’s why 96% of buyers say they have read the companies’ responses. according to a BrightLocal survey.

Buyers hope to see responses that are respectful, honest, and prompt, and open the door to further communication. For more tips on how to respond to negative customer reviews, read the BBB Guide to Handling Reviews.

That customer reviews are authentic

Finally, buyers examine whether customer reviews reflect legitimate interactions in the marketplace. To compete in the digital landscape, some companies are turning to dishonest practices to inflate their reputations, namely fake customer reviews.

Buyers are likely to find reviews that are too positive, vague, or too heavy on product specifications to be untrustworthy. As a result, companies using fake reviews also appear to be unreliable.

How to generate trustworthy customer reviews

Customer reviews are one of the most powerful factors influencing where people do business, but there are many factors that dictate the weight given to these reviews. Buyers are 94% more likely to buy from a business with a variety of specific and timely customer reviews of positive experiences.

In other words, businesses need to generate a constant flow of unique, detailed, and trustworthy customer reviews.

One way to do this is to reach out to customers directly – via email, social media, or at the time of purchase – to ask if they would leave a review on BBB.org. Encouraging customers to leave reviews on BBB.org improves your reputation on one of the most trusted sites for business information.

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Joseph P. Harris