BigSpeak Speakers Bureau Leads Customer Loyalty

“When we started tracking customer loyalty,” said Ken Sterling, executive vice president of Big Speak, “we would score in the mid-60s or below the 70s for the NPS, which was pretty good. And we made it our mission to focus on satisfying customer base because it’s the best way to keep customers happy and a wonderful way to get repeat customers and referrals.”

The NPS was created by Bain & Company to measure customer loyalty. Customers and customers receive an anonymous survey in which they rate the likelihood of recommending a business on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being the worst and 10 being the best. However, the survey scores are not averaged; responses are weighted. Scores of 9-10 add loyalty to a company, scores of 0-6 hurt and scores of 7-8 add nothing. To build customer loyalty, a business must receive many outstanding 9-10 scores from its customer base and very few 0-6s. The NPS system then converts the scores on a scale from -100 to +100.

“Whether a customer has a good experience or if we’re just meeting expectations,” said Ken Sterling, “No customer will recommend us. It’s like one of our favorite business speakers, says Magic Johnson, ‘It’s not enough in today’s market to just deliver. You have to over-deliver to your customers and your customers.”

To achieve these amazing results and improve their service, BigSpeak worked with experts and customer satisfaction consultants such as Robert Richman (co-creator of Zappos Insights), Tiffani Bova (author of GrowthIQ and Global Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce), Molly Bloom (most reserved keynote speaker and bestselling author of Molly’s Game), Omar Johnson (most reserved keynote speaker and former vice president of marketing at Apple), and Mitch Lowe (director and co-founder of Netflix) to build customer loyalty. Today, the company scores 15 points above industry standards, which average in the mid-60s.

“One of the secrets to our success in customer retention is learning from customer feedback,” said Ken Sterling. “In our surveys, we ask the ultimate question: If you didn’t rate us a 10, what would it take to give us a 10? We read and obsess over every comment, then we change procedures to eliminate what was causing the It’s a fun and effective way to improve and retain our customers.”

About Bain & Company
Bain & Company is a global consultancy that helps the world’s most ambitious changemakers shape the future.

About BigSpeak:
BigSpeak is a full-service speakers bureau located in Santa Barbara, California. BigSpeak serves 72% of the Fortune 1000 worldwide and is the first choice for clients who need keynote speakers. BigSpeak builds and maintains long-term relationships with clients, speakers, and other offices by providing expert advice, the best values, and customer experience in its industry.

BigSpeak is constantly striving to learn, reinvent how it works, and meet the meeting and event planning needs of its wide variety of customers, including businesses, associations, and universities. BigSpeak’s keynote speakers range from business speakers, world-class athletes, best-selling authors, award-winning entertainers to global icons, and more. BigSpeak regularly works with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Pfizer, Oracle, Cisco and other major F100 companies.

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