Branded online ordering builds customer loyalty

Over the past year and a half, restaurants have clearly come to realize the need for a strong online presence to order take out and deliveries.

For many operators, this effort began through partnerships with third-party delivery platforms, which have allowed restaurants to expand their reach and generate sales to new customers.

However, operators can add another dimension to their digital capabilities, with their own branded online ordering website – a great way for loyal customers to order deliveries and take out right from your restaurant. A branded website that offers ordering functionality enables operators to capture more business from customers who start their restaurant search online and can help operators retain and retain those customers over time.

A 2019 survey by marketing services agency MGH found that 77% of consumers said they visited a restaurant’s website before going out to eat or ordering takeout. More than half of them – 62% – said the restaurant’s website discouraged them from ordering take-out.

A branded online ordering solution can help restaurants capture more of these potential sales from users browsing their menu online, retain existing customers, and generate ongoing marketing opportunities through data capture. In today’s expanded digital world, restaurants need to leverage the reach, brand awareness and customer base of third-party food delivery apps while building their own online ordering capabilities.

Several vendors offer this type of online ordering solution, so how do you know which one is right for you?

Here are five things you should keep in mind when considering a branded online ordering solution:

The ability to take orders directly from your customers – 100% commission-free

The online ordering platform should allow you to accept delivery and takeout orders and be 100% commission-free.

Your online ordering site should also offer the ability to offer promotions, discounts and loyalty programs to generate additional order volumes.

Grubhub Direct, a Grubhub-branded online ordering platform, helps operators succeed by providing these capabilities and more.

“Restaurant owners are now focusing on what it takes to run their business and recover from the pandemic,” said Amy Le, owner and chef of Saucy Porka. “They often don’t have the time it traditionally takes to develop and manage their own ordering website, which is why tools like Grubhub Direct will give us a way to strengthen our brand presence online and grow. in a thoughtful way the relationship with our guests. “

Restaurant owners do not pay a marketing fee on orders received through their Grubhub Direct ordering site. They only pay a standard credit card processing fee and possibly a competitive delivery charge if the restaurant chooses to be delivered by Grubhub drivers. Operators using auto-delivery pay no delivery charges for Grubhub Direct orders.

Grubhub Direct also does not charge for access to customer data, loyalty programs and promotions.

Easy to use marketing and promotion tools

Look for an online ordering platform that gives you easy-to-use marketing and promotional tools that you can use to respond directly to your customers and encourage them to place orders directly from you. These tools also help to increase your income by increasing order volumes.

Grubhub Direct allows operators to manage promotions and loyalty programs that match their goals. Promotions are a great way for restaurants to offer customers coupons for future orders placed on the restaurant’s Grubhub Direct website. Restaurants can choose from several types of promotions: first-visit promotions, spend-based loyalty promotions, or visit-based loyalty promotions.

Grubhub Direct offers a powerful marketing tool that gives restaurateurs more control over their marketing, promotions and overall communications.

“Our customers are always looking for the best loyalty and rewards, and through our branded ordering app, we have access to the tools and information that allow us to create personalized promotional campaigns to help our customers in their journey. health and fitness journey, ”said Rebecca Miller, Marketing Director at Smoothie King.

“In today’s digital age, having a holistic understanding of our customers and their ordering habits is crucial to acquisition and engagement efforts, and Grubhub’s technology addresses that – by allowing our brand to grow and stand out in a crowded landscape, ”said Miller.

Access to customer data

Data about your customers, including name, email addresses, and order history (menu items, lifetime spend, order sizes, and fulfillment methods), should be right at your fingertips. You can use this data to personalize the ordering experience and to market directly to your customers.

This is one of the most important benefits to look for in a branded online ordering platform – the ability to use your customer data to build stronger relationships with your customers and use that data to inform. the promotions and loyalty programs you run.

Consider including incentives such as discounts and coupons that are timely and appropriate for each individual to drive more frequent or higher checks, for example. Or opt for strategies to reactivate expired customers or to prevent them from becoming expired customers.

With Grubhub Direct, you can see a personal profile for each customer that includes contact details, order history, lifetime expenses, and other information, all of which can be downloaded for marketing and communications applications.

Your online ordering system should make your life easier, not complicated

It should offer accessible menu integration, account management, and easy-to-use interfaces so that you can update your restaurant information with just a few clicks.

It is also important that your online ordering partner is available to provide you with ongoing support while you manage your site. Look for a partner who has technology that can streamline your ordering strategy and the resources to help you maximize the potential of your branded online ordering site.

Mark your online ordering experience

Each restaurant has its own unique personality, and that uniqueness should shine in your online ordering system. Loyal diners need to recognize the look of your restaurant, and new customers need to have a sense of what your restaurant represents.

Incorporating your restaurant’s personality into your online ordering system should be easy. Look for an online ordering system that allows you to control the appearance of the user interface. This means the ability to customize the fonts, colors, and images on your site.

Maximize your digital presence by using online order marketplaces to reach new customers while having your own online ordering website to build customer loyalty and take orders directly from your customers.

Solutions like Grubhub Direct, which offers a commission-free add-on to a restaurant’s existing digital presence, can ease setup and allow operators to seamlessly connect their ordering platform to their other branded channels.

Visit Grubhub Direct to learn more about how to take control of your online ordering operations.

Joseph P. Harris