Build and maintain customer loyalty

Best deals is a series of online courses by industry professionals who share their insights, experience and advice on how to do better business in the restaurant industry. It is based on the Business Improvement Survey by Gastronomy loverswhere respondents were asked to identify gaps in their knowledge and skills, and what they want to learn in order to do business better.

This video presents Marcus Davis – restaurateur and entrepreneur, chief steward of the Breakfast Club Reggae Shack, Alley Cat Bar & Lounge and Culture in Huston, Texas – sharing his insights on building and maintaining customer loyalty.

A passion for cooking isn’t enough to run a successful restaurant, says Davis. It’s all about logistics. “Running a restaurant is knowing how to get food in through the back door, how to get customers through the front door, how to get customers to the table, how to get food to the prep table, and how that customer and this plate meet in the middle of the table,” he says.

To recognize your role in this restaurant, says Davis, you have to “think like an entrepreneur.” Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking about the world and the company, it means being ambitious but also pragmatic.

“Entrepreneurship is about filling a void in the market that the market is consciously or unconsciously clamoring for. Listening to what the market is asking for, researching what the market needs, and filling that void,” says Davis.

Davis’ recipe for success is very simple – high quality service, high quality product, all the time. Consistency in food and service promotes consistency in footfall and turnover. Other tips include giving back and supporting your local community, and accepting the invitation to participate in your customers’ milestones.

Take this advice from Marcus Davis, apply it to your restaurant, and see how you can do better business.

Joseph P. Harris