Can customer reviews make or break your coworking space?

  • Customer service ratings for products and services are a priority for consumers.
  • Coworking spaces and operators are almost exclusively rated in general terms, and potential users have to search for phrases like “unaccommodating operator” to uncover a lousy customer service review.
  • Coworking operators must prioritize providing high quality customer service to attract discerning members.

According to a Insider Information Report 2022nearly half of global consumers are willing to switch their products if the alternatives include better customer service.

Customers simply want good service, and that outweighs other factors such as aligning a company’s values ​​with their own; alignment with values ​​influences only about 27% of consumers.

Good service may include money back guaranteeshave qualified experts to answer technical questions, and sell an experience to customers.

These factors are part of what builds brand trust, and brand trust is what builds loyal customers, which is key to success as a business. But do coworking spaces live up to this standard of service – and how can potential members know?

How is customer service rated in the coworking industry?

Since customer service is an integral part of customer retention and acquisition for businesses and the coworking industry is heavily focused on customer service, how is customer service rated in the coworking industry? co-working?

More advice for coworking operators are general reviews – much like those you would find on Google for a business, which may or may not include customer service issues, but may also include events that do not necessarily reflect business, such as random crimes that occur there.

But because the coworking industry is so focused on customer service – making sure customers and employees working on their premises are happy, safe and comfortable – coworking center reviews, when they exist, tend to reflect opinions on customer service issues.

Many coworking spaces have a Yelp page that customers can check out. On these pages, coworking spaces are ranked similarly to restaurants and hotels – by stars and by customer opinion of the services offered.

Customer service reviews are important for coworking spaces

Operators whose members work from their coworking spaces will almost inevitably receive online reviews. Those lacking reviews, however, might miss a marketing gold mine; not to mention that a lack of reviews indicates a lack of customers.

Among smartphone users who search online for a service or business, three quarters will visit a local small business within a day of the search. With 97% of customers searching online, having reviews is beneficial because it increases the visibility of your search.

And if that search visibility is full of positive customer service reviews, the odds of being the recipient of those three-quarters of customers increase exponentially.

How can coworking spaces boost customer reviews?

Having a positive brand reputation is key to succeeding as a coworking operator, especially when it comes to having good IT and customer service. Without it, coworking operators have struggled to maintain stable revenue.

Lack of customer reviews online decreases your search visibility and effectively lowers your visibility, period.

Implementing other search engine optimization tricks, such as keyword research to boost website copy, cannot outweigh an apparent lack of brand trust on the part of a company. loyal customers. It can be helpful to send members surveys that include open-ended questions or directly ask for service reviews to encourage participation and honest feedback on how you can improve.

Another effective technique is to consider including a “customer reviews” section on the location’s website, or a link to a Yelp page full of customer reviews. Transparency is the first step to leading customer service.

Joseph P. Harris