Cengage Wins Top Customer Support Award for Fifth Consecutive Year

“As educators and students continue to navigate new and ever-changing learning modalities, effective customer support is more important than ever to creating a successful learning experience,” said Dawn Gerrain, Senior Vice President, Cengage Academic Service Experience. “At Cengage, we place great importance on providing high-quality, affordable, easy-to-use digital learning products and customer presence. Whether it’s helping an instructor implement place a last-minute lesson or resolve an issue with a student during virtual office hours, instructors, administrators, and students know they can count on Cengage for an exceptional support experience.”

Part of the Service Experience team’s success can be attributed to their approach and belief that a contact center is more than just a transaction; it’s about responding to customer concerns with empathy. The service team challenged traditional methods of contact center management by focusing on meeting customer needs related to reliability, value, time, dignity and success.

Some of the other unique features of the Cengage experience include:

  • Digital Success Specialists: personalized and proactive support to set up digital courses before the semester, and answer any questions in class.
  • start strong and virtual office hoursStart-of-semester sessions to help students choose the most affordable option and register their digital products, and Zoom office hours with a local Cengage representative to answer student questions during the semester.
  • Transparency: Proactively share the performance of our platforms via techcheck.cengage.com so customers can see if a platform is having an issue (99.9% uptime in 2021).
  • Extended Support ChannelsCustomers have several ways to contact support to resolve an issue, including: phone, web-created case/email, live and automated chat, and via social media (@CengageHelp)
  • Quality hardware and self-service support: At support.cengage.com, customers can find over 300 self-service articles based on frequently asked questions and the ability to initiate simple transactions (i.e. request a refund).

“The NorthFace ScoreBoard Service Award is widely recognized as the most prestigious award for customer service excellence due to its unique customer-only voting criteria. The award recognizes organizations that not only provide exemplary customer service, but also those who have chosen to make their CX strategy an integral part of their company’s DNA,” said Jean-Alexandre MaraganisPresident and CEO of CRMI.

For more information about Cengage Support Services, please visit: https://www.cengage.com/services/.

For more information on this year’s awards and winners, visit https://www.crmirewards.com/.

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