Collinson’s Secret Sauce for Building Customer Loyalty

Collinson was shortlisted as a finalist for Best COVID-19 Response – Engagement and CX, and won Gold for Best COVID-19 Response – Relationship Marketing at INTERACTIVE-MARKETING‘s Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2021 in partnership with client Singapore Airlines and Scoot.

Daniel Cantorna (pictured), vice president, data, insights and technology, APAC at Collinson, said INTERACTIVE-MARKETING that the company quickly recognized the impact of the pandemic on brands in the travel ecosystem. Drawing on more than 30 years of expertise in loyalty strategy and data services, Collinson has helped organizations stay ahead of the game and even boosted customer loyalty, while travelers were anchored.

This interview is conducted as part of the MARKETING-INTERACTIVE Winners and Finalists Interview Series for the 2021 Loyalty & Engagement Awards. To learn more about the awards, Click here.

How has your marketing evolved over the past few months as we navigate the pandemic?

Cantorna: In today’s world, consumers expect experiences that are personalized, relevant and timely, but ultimately those experiences must add value to their lives. As a company rooted in the travel industry, we recognize the impact that border closures and the challenges associated with travel during the COVID-19 pandemic have had on everyone’s lives. At the start of the pandemic, we quickly recognized the impact on brands of the travel ecosystem. With over 30 years of expertise in loyalty strategy and data services, we’ve used this knowledge to ensure that the organizations we work with stay top of mind, and even deepen their customer loyalty, while that the travelers were anchored.

We leveraged our global travel medical resources and became one of the premier airport COVID-19 testing travel companies, while working to build partnerships with over 30 airlines, airports and service providers health. We’ve also partnered with the WHO Foundation to help set up the Global Travel Vaccine Coalition (as part of the WHO Foundation’s Go Get One initiative).

This coalition was created to bring the travel industry together, using our collective reach to ensure that everyone, everywhere in the world, has access to the COVID-19 vaccine. We believe in the power of numbers and have therefore urged everyone – customers and travel agencies – to partner with us on this initiative. As the pandemic enters its third year, we will continue to change and adapt our marketing approach to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers and help them travel safely again.

What change in consumer behavior around loyalty and engagement surprised you?

Cantorna: With the ability to travel abroad drastically reduced during the pandemic, especially in Asia-Pacific countries, more and more people are trying new experiences, especially those who are locally based. A higher number of redemptions for experiential rewards, such as wellness experiences and the development of new skills, was seen on our loyalty platforms, demonstrating the value brands can bring to their customers by offering them relevant and personalized experiences that meet their individual needs during this difficult time.

Another notable change is the demand for e-commerce platforms, beyond those for grocery, shopping and food delivery services. Every consumer, whether young or old, is digitally savvy. The challenge for brands will be to ensure that their different needs are met. This shows the importance of mastering first-party data to deliver an experience consumers expect.

With so many options, how can brands retain consumers and stand out?

Cantorna: Customer loyalty is driven by relevance, customer satisfaction, and the ability to create lasting relationships. In today’s pandemic landscape, businesses have a unique opportunity to win the hearts and minds of customers, thereby fostering brand loyalty. A common pitfall for marketers is to use data to bombard customers with generic messages, such as “You bought these pants, now you need to buy this shirt.” This mechanical approach is unlikely to succeed. These days, a customer expects brands to know what they want before they even know what they want. Attracting long-term customer loyalty is a carefully balanced process.

At Collinson, we believe the best approach is to streamline your data into a single customer view to better understand customer behaviors and preferences, before leveraging segmentation tactics to more easily identify and retain your most valuable customers. valuable; thus allowing you to devote more attention to this group, encourage comments and discourse, and ultimately create a network effect. This is the key to emotional loyalty.

Lasting customer loyalty can be achieved through two-way interaction, personalization and by combining a human touch with data and analytical rigor. Only with these will it be possible to create unique experiences for customers, which in turn will reward brands for their loyalty.

What can we expect from your brand in 2022?

Cantorna: Brands will continue to face uncertainty and challenges due to the pandemic. It will be essential to keep consumer desires and pain points at the heart of everything brands do. At Collinson, we will continue to help brands master first-party data, which will help them understand the ever-changing needs of their customers and, in turn, help them meet those needs. We will continue to help our customers understand their consumption needs, engage with them and build loyalty through relevance, rewards and recognition.

About Collinson

By combining AI-powered technology, a global network of data scientists and more than 30 years of loyalty expertise, Collinson enables brands to thrive despite disruption by delivering insight-fueled customer experiences that, to their turn, generate year-on-year growth.

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