Customer Relations Most Often Discussed With Stakeholders, New Study Finds

According to a new study by RI Magazine.

More than six in 10 companies (62%) say they have had questions or discussions with investors about customer relationships in the past 12 months. Next are 59% of those surveyed who were asked to talk about government and regulatory engagement and 53% of those who said their investors had wanted to talk about public health measures in the past year.

The conclusions come from the Stakeholder management report, published in the Fall 2021 issue of RI Magazine.

Although climate change and supply chain issues are increasingly hot topics within the IR community, research reveals that exactly half of companies have been asked to discuss these topics. Only two stakeholder concerns identified in the report were discussed by less than four in 10 IROs in the past year: resource management (38 percent) and socio-economic development (37 percent).

A shift in priorities

In addition to asking companies what stakeholder concerns investors were raising, the researchers also asked what topics companies were reporting on – with a “stark contrast” between the two.

For example, although resource management and socio-economic development are the topics investors least want to discuss, they are in fact (along with employee relations) the most common stakeholder issues including companies. have reported over the past year.

Customer relationship, which is the topic investors most often want to discuss, is one of the least frequently raised questions.

According to the IROs, all areas of stakeholder concern identified by the researchers have seen increased investor interest over the past five years. The issue that has generated the most interest is carbon neutrality, with more than seven in 10 IROs recording increased investor interest.

Other areas of increased interest are government and regulatory engagement, public health measures, and resource and waste management.

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Joseph P. Harris