Data integration unlocks customer relationships

Prioritizing relationships, not just transactions, is the message of Sana Commerce which has built a solution to enable the B2B space to be customer-centric, efficient and profitable.

This is possible because Sana Commerce’s native ERP integration unlocks convenience, reliability and evolution to foster lasting relationships. “Our approach to ERP integration is unique,” ​​said Tim Beyer, Global COO, President and CEO of Americas.

“This is native integration and our e-commerce software is partially installed inside the ERP, which means there is no need for middleware or connector technology to facilitate this. integration. We are the only company to integrate this way specifically for the B2B use case. Our approach unleashes three key benefits for our customers.

Three key advantages

The three benefits of running SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and e-commerce include:

1. Total comfort for the customer

This enables organizations to give their customers personalized self-service, full transparency, and consistently accurate real-time data, directly from the ERP.

2. Uncompromising reliability

No order errors, no obstacles in the buyer’s journey and no returns: because you can count on the accuracy of your online store data

3. Constant evolution

Sana’s scalable and agile platform enables businesses to quickly adapt and adapt to change, and to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

The concept of allowing a customer’s ERP system and e-commerce to function as one was conceived on a pizza slice in Rotterdam in 2007. “With a slice of pizza in hand, they made the decision to solve the problem. problem and set themselves Electronic commerce platform like no other – Sana Commerce was born.

“Sana Commerce Cloud is created for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers who want to maintain and strengthen long-term customer relationships through e-commerce. “It is available to organizations that run their business using Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP systems, both in the cloud and on-premises,” Beyer commented.

The Sana Commerce Cloud is a scalable and agile platform that allows companies to quickly and easily adapt to change and meet the expectations of their customers.

Partnership with Red Diamond Coffee & Tea

Sana Commerce has been a partner of Red Diamond Coffee & Tea since 2013. “We started our partnership to provide Red Diamond with an online B2B solution that would seamlessly integrate with their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system and meet the complex needs of the business. B2B. buyers, without adding to the workload of maintaining the organization’s data or online store. This partnership enabled important B2B use case features on their website, like real-time inventory information. Our solution also allows Red Diamond to seamlessly scale as needed while always keeping customers satisfied and coming back. “

Sana Commerce Cloud continues to evolve towards a fully flexible solution for the B2B space. “We have big plans, it’s in Sana’s DNA to be ambitious, to think big and to find ways to further propel our growth,” Beyer said.

Joseph P. Harris