Dufresne Group (TDG) Achieves 239% Increase in Automated Customer Support Workflows Using Package.ai’s Conversational AI Engagement Platform Integrated with STORIS ERP

Implementing this comprehensive customer engagement platform has enabled TDG to consolidate disparate systems, reduce costs, and develop deeper customer relationships and brand loyalty.

NEW YORK, July 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Package.ai, the leading conversational AI engagement platform, through its integration with STORIS, the leading provider of retail software solutions for home furnishings and appliance retailers, enabled TDG to transform its post-purchase operation into a complete brand experience, redefining loyalty and driving more sales.

TDG previously relied on four siled solutions to manage the different stages of its customer lifecycle, but these failed to deliver the seamless end-to-end customer experience needed to drive loyalty and retention. client.

With Package.ai, TDG was able to consolidate these separate solutions into a single platform for all customer engagement and fulfillment operations. The seamless integration of post-purchase data from STORIS and Package.ai has enabled TDG to deliver a more efficient and personalized post-purchase experience to its customers, resulting in:

  • An 85% increase in delivery confirmation rates, reduced costs and increased customer experience levels.
  • A 239% increase in automated customer support chat, reducing costly human interactions with customer service.
  • A 45% return rate on the delivery experience, leading to an increase in positive reviews.

“Package.ai represents a transformation for our business, giving us a platform to manage all customer interactions and providing all departments with a complete line of sight for each of our customers,” says Norman Alegria, director of customer service at Le Groupe Dufresne (TDG). “The future of retail is relational rather than transactional, and Package.ai is helping TDG make that future a reality.”

Integrating Package.ai with STORIS has helped TDG build deeper, ongoing customer relationships that drive more sales.

When we partnered with Package.ai, we recognized the value of connecting STORIS’ robust post-purchase information with Package.ai’s transparent reputation and optimized management of last mile logistics,” says Todd Rutler, responsible for STORIS product services. “It is gratifying to see the transformational impact achieved within Groupe Dufresne through our partnership with Package.ai.”

Automating and centralizing customer interactions has allowed TDG to realign its execution, sales and marketing around the customer, allowing it to uncover new sales and marketing opportunities.

“Package.ai creates truly customer-centric organizations, enabling them to foster a stronger connection with their customers and turn them into brand advocates and repeat buyers,” says Ralph ShulbergGeneral director North America on Package.ai. “With the help of STORIS, we are proud to have helped TDG achieve this goal and to see the immediate results in delivery confirmation rates, customer support automation and increased positive customer reviews. “

Now that the initial implementation is up and running, companies are working on adding sales-related functionality to the automated communication platform to turn phenomenal levels of customer engagement into incremental sales.

About Package.ai

Package.ai is a comprehensive customer engagement platform for high-value retailers and home service providers, bringing together sales, marketing, and fulfillment into a single, fully customer-centric experience. Powered by conversational AI, workflow automation, and last-mile intelligence, it enables brands to effectively build meaningful relationships with their customers, redefine loyalty, and drive more sales. Package.ai is trusted by major retailers, such as Ashley Canada, Big Sandy Superstore, Don’s Appliances and Spencers TV & Appliance. For more information, visit www.package.ai.


Founded in 1989, STORIS continues to be the leading provider of software solutions and retail services for the furniture industry. More than 500 customers use STORIS’ unified commerce solution, which includes mobile POS, ERP, e-commerce, inventory control, customer experience management, merchandising, business intelligence, the kiosk, logistics, accounting, etc.

About the Dufresne Group (TDG)

Groupe Dufresne (TDG) is the largest Ashley furniture retailer in Canada and the parent company of Dufresne Furniture & Appliances. It currently has 46 outlets, a growing e-commerce business and six distribution centers handling over a thousand deliveries each day.

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