EA Customer Service says Battlefield 2042 players are “very happy with the game”

It seems that Battlefield 2042 players are very happy with the game, as long as the players you ask work for EA customer support.

It’s fair to say that Battlefield 2042 had a rocky launch. Despite an insurmountable amount of hype en route to launch, the game launched half-baked to a sea of ​​angry gamers.

Many gamers feel cheated by DICE and EA, especially those who spent more than $100 on the game. Currently, there are even rumors circulating on the internet suggesting that Battlefield 2042 will become free-to-play.

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After all, many Battlefield players report that they already can’t find a game because the servers are empty.

And with over 90,000 mostly negative reviews on Steam, Battlefield 2042 actually has fewer players than Battlefield 1 and 5.

But despite some fans calling Battlefield 2042 “one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history,” it seems EA Support has other ideas.

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Battlefield 2042 is getting praise from “very happy” players, says EA Support

In a new post on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, a fan shares their interaction with EA Customer Support.

Reddit user beach13 had an interesting interaction with an EA representative, who told them that players were “very pleased” with Battlefield 2042.

Beach13, one of the only players still asking for refunds for the new game, was trying to persuade EA customer service to give them their money back. We’ve actually seen some users successfully get refunds for Battlefield 2042 after all this time, so fair game for them.

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But after expressing their opinion that Battlefield 2042 was “a huge flop [that] did not succeed”, it seems that EA support disagreed.

The rep even went so far as to state that Battlefield is getting praise from fans. Additionally, the EA rep reports seeing “very satisfied players with the game.”

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Battlefield 2042 receives praise from fans?

We certainly won’t pretend that every gamer hates Battlefield 2042, not by a long shot. But we also expect that Battlefield 2042 players who have been in contact with EA Support are most likely there due to a negative experience.

That said, it’s worth pointing out that this EA support employee can’t exactly mention that the publisher is disappointed with the title – whether that’s true or not.

Some Battlefield 2042 fans even want EA to scrap the game and start over, claiming it can’t be saved. But what the title really needs is a bit of communication.

As of now, DICE is still hard at work creating a dashboard, which is expected to drop in February. And it’s been more than 70 days since the game was launched without knowing when season 1 will arrive!

The only details we have on the new Battlefield 2042 map come from leaks. And the game only had to remove its new Battlefield Portal Zombies mode after it became an XP farm.

It is clear that something is very wrong with 2042 as it is. But it’s not like EA Support can just admit it.

Joseph P. Harris