EverCommerce Announces Hiring of Jenny Riggs to Lead Security and Alarm Solutions Group Customer Support Transformation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado. (January 7, 2022) – As part of its strategic plan to drive successful customer experiences for its security and alarm solutions, EverCommerce, a leading service commerce platform for more than 500,000 businesses, announced the hiring of Jenny Riggs as senior vice president of customer experience.

Riggs will lead initiatives to transform the division’s customer support experience and drive customer loyalty and satisfaction for each of EverCommerce’s Security and Alarm Solutions Group’s five solutions, including Bold Group (composed of Bold Technologies, Perennial Software, Secure Global Solutions, SIMS), and Security Information Systems (SIS).

“I am honored to join EverCommerce’s Security and Alarm Solutions group to help transform its customer experience program,” said Riggs. “My vision is for customers to have an exceptional experience by connecting with our teams and finding new products and solutions that drive their business growth.”

Prior to joining EverCommerce, Riggs spent nearly 20 years at Thomson Reuters. During her tenure, she developed a strong culture of strategic client relationships and built global cross-functional teams of over 600 employees from disparate organizations to be led as one cohesive team focused on client satisfaction. Riggs also helped shape the strategy for the company’s customer success division and launched a five-year transformation initiative, resulting in multi-million dollar savings, by identifying customer issues and translating those issues into clear and workable solutions.

“Our relentless focus on creating the best customer experience in the industry will be enhanced by the integration of Jenny, as she understands EverCommerce’s commitment to our customers and has a strong track record of how to deliver the best possible solutions. to meet their needs,” said Alison Forsythe, President of EverCommerce’s Security and Alarm Solutions Group.

About EverCommerce

EverCommerce is a leading service commerce platform, providing vertically integrated and customized software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that help more than 500,000 service businesses accelerate growth, streamline operations and increase their retention. Its modern digital and mobile apps create predictable, informed and convenient experiences between service professionals and their end consumers. Specializing in the home services, health services, and fitness and wellness services industries, EverCommerce solutions include end-to-end business management software, integrated payment acceptance, technology marketing and customer engagement apps. Learn more at EverCommerce.com.

About Bold Group For more than three decades, the Bold Group, an EverCommerce solution, has served the electronic security industry with the most comprehensive line of alarm monitoring and integrated financial management solutions designed to achieve peak business performance. Bold Group’s product portfolio includes the renowned Manitou, Stages and SIMS alarm monitoring systems. These leading alarm monitoring systems are complemented by the best accounting and business management systems in the industry: the SedonaOffice suite and the best-selling AlarmBiller system. For more information about Bold Group, visit www.boldgroup.com.

About Security Information Systems Security Information Systems, Inc., an EverCommerce solution, is a global leader in high-performance alarm monitoring and interface solutions for the security industry with more than 5,000 installations worldwide in more than 120 country. SIS products interface with more than 100 third-party systems while continuously monitoring and automating responses to millions of alarms. Over 30 years ago, SIS developed the first generation of PC-based automation software systems for the security industry, known as the Alarm Center, a “more” intuitive yet simple to use system. . For more information, visit www.securitysoftware.com.

Joseph P. Harris