Ford Motor Company: Preview of finalists in the Innovation and Customer Loyalty Transformation category

Jason Sprawka, Global Director of Customer Experience at Ford Motor Company, talks about being a finalist for the 2021 Loyalty360 Awards in the Innovation and Customer Loyalty Transformation category to be presented at Loyalty Expo in October.

Sprawka spoke to Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson about the campaign.

The FordPass Rewards program was launched in April 2019 and now has over 8 million members. FordPass was designed and built with a mobile-first approach, and it’s a key part of APP, their mobile app. FordPass is a currency-based loyalty platform that allows members to earn points for vehicle purchase, dealership service, and engagement with the Ford brand.

These points can be redeemed for a future vehicle, service, parts and accessories – with more redemption options coming in 2021. FordPass is clearly best-in-class and one of the strongest loyalty programs in America North. Their value proposition of up to 10% off dealer transactions is the highest in the industry and superior to most loyalty programs in general. They have an aggressive roadmap for FordPass that will keep them well ahead of their competition and continue to generate more value for their customers, our dealers and our business.

To learn more about the Loyalty360 Awards and the Loyalty360 Expo, please visit HERE.

Joseph P. Harris