Good customer relationships are key to success, says DCCB President Ravinder Rao

KM Dayashankar

Targets set for deposit mobilization

KARIMNAGAR: Mr. Konduru Ravinder Rao, Chairman of NAFSCOB, TSCAB and Karimnagar DCCB, said that good customer relations are the key to the success of the cooperative bank and called on the deputy directors, who are the front agents to play a crucial role in maintaining cordial relations with customers.

“Banking is all about maintaining an individual relationship. How you treat a customer in the bank with our attitude and demeanor with a smile makes a big difference,” he said and added that word of mouth is the best form of credible advertising.

Attending a review meeting with Deputy Directors of DCCB branches at the Main Administrative Office of Karimnagar City on Friday, September 2, 2022, Mr. Ravinder Rao called on the Deputy Directors to play a responsible role in increasing deposits while the DCCB offered the highest interest rates compared to any other bank.

He asked them to conduct at least four Financial Education Campaign (FLC) programs by each bank branch and to meet regularly with customers to highlight the achievements of the DCCB by inviting bank managers, PACS presidents and other .

Recalling that KDCCB has become a model and a brand in the country, he said that the bank should go ahead for another 100 years. He briefed bank staff to educate people on the services provided to clients such as educational loans for rural youth and self-employment opportunities for youth under the PMEGP program (Prime Minister’s Job Creation Program). minister). The Karimnagar DCCB is the first in the country to provide loans under the PMEGP scheme.

Stating that the DCCB had set a target of doing business of Rs 6,200 crore in this financial year, he said the bank had set a target for all officers from the rank of staff assistant to managing directors to increase the deposits. Managing Directors, DGMs and AGMs were given a deposit mobilization target of Rs 5 crore, Directors of Rs 3 crore, Deputy Directors of Rs 2 crore and Staff Assistant of Rs 1.5 crore of here on March 31, 2023, he said. He also said they would offer incentives to staff who carry out the targeted deposit mobilization.

CEO N Satyanarayana Rao instructed deputy managers to maintain cordial relations with customers as they act as front office managers. General Managers Prabhakar Reddy and Ushasri, DGM Sumamala and Venkateshwara Swamy, PACS Development Cell Resource Person G Satyanarayana, Premises Manager G Hanumantha Rao and others were also present.

Joseph P. Harris