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Himiway Long Range Electric Bike

Himiway Long Range Electric Bike

Himiway Fat Tire Electric Bike

Himiway Fat Tire Electric Bike

The famous e-bike manufacturer has made significant improvements to its customer service to improve its relationship with its customers.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Following the great success of their four new models introduced earlier in 2022, Himiway is once again in the news for making marked improvements to their customer service which is improving their customer experience by leaps and bounds. They have already become the number one choice of more than 50,000 American cyclists, a number that is expected to see a major increase after improving their customer service.

Some of the more notable improvements made by Himiway include:
Strengthen the training of professional knowledge of their staff to ensure faster resolution of customer queries.
Increase in the number of postal employees to ensure that customer issues can be resolved quickly around the clock.
Better pre- and post-purchase support so customers can address error codes, power issues, adjustments, maintenance tips, and other issues in a timely manner.

It’s obvious that they made a conscious decision to cut out the middleman as they sell their e-bikes directly to their consumers.

One of their satisfied customers writes, “I was looking for a longer range bike, and that’s when I decided to buy one of the Himiway e-bikes. However, there were minor issues at first, which were easily resolved by their support team before I could even feel unfair to them. Their hands-on approach and clear communication is something to behold as I feel like I know more about e-bikes than I do at any other time.

All Himiway bikes are backed by an all-inclusive 2-year warranty that protects the user against any manufacturing issues. Himiway will never give up on its customers’ difficulties and is always ready to help them. They seek to create e-bikes that allow riders to enjoy nature in all its forms, and improvements to their customer service will likely go a long way towards achieving their primary goal: total customer satisfaction.

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About Himiway
Himiway is the market leader in long-range e-bikes. It was created in 2017 and released its first bike in November 2019. They have now become the number 1 choice of American cyclists.

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