How MoxieLash Retained Customers Through Email Marketing

Founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Val Yakovchik, MoxieLash specializes in selling innovative and innovative magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners that continue to disrupt the beauty industry. Committed to providing superior solutions to makeup enthusiasts around the world, MoxieLash is beauty without boundaries, strongly rooted in a community of authentic, confident, fierce, and totally badass humans. Community is at the heart of what MoxieLash does, having built enduring customer loyalty and a community of insiders.

Since its launch, MoxieLash has grown exponentially and forged a cult following among celebrities, influencers and makeup artists who have become obsessed with the brand’s high-quality products that require minimal effort, yet deliver maximum results. .

MoxieLash’s mission is to continue innovating with pioneering new technologies and empowering lives by delivering on the promise of being your ultimate boost.

The problem:

When launched, MoxieLash created a lot of buzz in the market, but they soon realized they had to keep innovating to keep up with competitors. They knew that attracting customers was only half the battle, and they needed to retain those customers by retaining them with MoxieLash so that they would become repeat buyers.

With that in mind, they commissioned the full-service email marketing agency, Kinga Dowby researching and recommending the best Loyalty Partner who complimented their business.

After researching and interviewing various loyalty platforms, Kinga Dow narrowed it down to LoyaltyLion. Ultimately, MoxieLash chose LoyaltyLion as their preferred loyalty partner because of:

  • Scalability and flexibility of the platform to meet the needs of the growing e-commerce store
  • Best-in-class integrations including Klaviyo for MoxieLash marketing automation needs
  • In-depth Shopify Plus feature support
  • High levels of customization thanks to the platform which was quick and easy to implement
  • Excellent customer service with personalized support

The solution:

MoxieLash worked with Kinga Dow and LoyaltyLion to build a innovative loyalty program including:

  • An in-brand loyalty program page with explanations and a dedicated URL
  • Program tiers to gamify the loyalty experience and incentivize customers to purchase, often to unlock tier-specific perks. These include VIP early access for Premium and Prestige members and, depending on membership level, increasing increments of points awarded on a member’s birthday.
  • Personalized loyalty emails with loyalty data via integration with Klaviyo
  • Advanced features for Shopify Plus checkout such as Points Slider
  • A personalized sponsorship program with their brand image

Together they agreed on the structure and functionality of their loyalty program and created an email marketing strategy accordingly.

LoyaltyLion has also trained MoxieLash on loyalty program management so they can easily make changes and updates on an ongoing basis.

Regular automated email communication with customers was key to the success of their loyalty program. Loyalty emails were populated with 12 points of loyalty data, such as points earned, unique referral URL, and rewards available. These are sent to customers on a regular basis and in particular with a focus on two segments: loyal customers and unengaged and non-loyal customers.

The results:

Using LoyaltyLion in conjunction with Klaviyo has enabled MoxieLash to execute and sustain a successful messaging strategy that drives customer retention and increases customer lifetime value.

In just 12 months, MoxieLash’s loyalty program delivered:

  • 1.5 times more average orders from loyalty program members than non-members
  • 1.5 times higher average spend of loyalty program members than non-members
  • A 3x higher repeat purchase rate from loyalty program members (first to second purchase)

Over time, MoxieLash continued to work with LoyaltyLion and Kinga Dow to optimize their approach. A review of the email marketing program led MoxieLash to shift its loyalty emails from ad-hoc campaigns to weekly campaigns. This increased the completion of loyalty activities from an average of 21,000 to a maximum average of 160,000 activities completed.

They are also among the first stores to implement the latest features of LoyaltyLion’s market-leading integration with Klaviyo, which has enabled them to implement the following new triggered email flows:

  • A welcome introduction to the Moxie Insider Club
  • Post-purchase emails tailored to members and non-members
  • Level upgrade or downgrade notifications
  • Monthly reward reminders
  • Rewards and points for an Anniversary event

A MoxieLash spokesperson said, “LoyaltyLion’s services really set them apart from other loyalty providers. We received expert help and guidance every step of the way, from implementation and onboarding to one-on-one customer support, and ongoing optimization of our program with our Head of dedicated customer success.

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Joseph P. Harris