How REN Clean Skincare Revitalized Customer Loyalty

Since 2000, sustainable and cruelty-free skincare brand owned by Unilever REN Clean Skincare has created high performance skincare products with proven results from nature’s most powerful and gentle bioactive ingredients. Formulated for sensitive skin, REN Clean Skincare has been a global leader in the skincare market for almost 20 years and has a strong brand identity and following both online and offline.

REN products are sold with the “Zero Waste” commitment to use only recyclable packaging, containing recycled or reusable materials. REN Clean Skincare is passionate about protecting our planet’s resources and is committed to reducing waste at every stage of the production, distribution and promotion of its products. REN says it exists “not just to transform your skin for the better, but to transform the planet for the better.”

Challenge: Build longer-term, more valuable relationships with customers

During the pandemic, many physical stores selling REN Clean Skincare products were forced to close. As such, brand loyalty has become increasingly important as traditional in-store shoppers have moved online. At the same time, REN has seen an increase in new customers discovering the brand online for the first time. Therefore, building lasting relationships with its new online customers has become a priority. REN began looking for ways to bring the in-store shopping experience to the online customer, including its virtual consultation program and creating greater enhancements to its loyalty programs.

REN needed a unique loyalty program that captured their brand ethos and ultimately made their customers feel special and more inspired to shop. REN’s vision was to better align with its customers and build more valuable long-term relationships, by finding new ways to make it clear that it shared the same values ​​as its customers.

Solution: LoyaltyLion helps REN deliver seamless omnichannel experiences, resulting in deeper emotional connections with customers

REN chose LoyaltyLion as a retention partner, creating an integrated loyalty experience that allowed consumers exploring the REN Clean Skincare site to earn points by enrolling in the loyalty program and encouraging shoppers to become part of its community. The brand began displaying on-site notifications to guest shoppers encouraging them to create a loyalty program account in exchange for points, motivating more customers to become members. The LoyaltyLion platform has enabled REN to better understand its customers and thus provide more personalized shopping experiences, helping to build a community of loyal insiders.

To further promote exclusivity and engage members, REN Clean Skincare worked with LoyaltyLion to implement loyalty program tiers that would encourage customers to participate more in the program. At the “beginner” level, consumers can earn dollar vouchers; at the higher “champion” level, shoppers gain access to more exclusive and experiential rewards such as early access to new products and sales, as well as admission to invite-only events. REN’s “Clean Rewards” program acted as a natural extension of the brand, customized to perfectly fit the look and feel of REN’s website and align with the company’s mission to create products that are “Clean to Skin.” Clean to Planet”.

Results: increased customer spending and more repeat purchases

Working with LoyaltyLion to create a fully personalized and integrated loyalty page, REN Clean Skincare increased the momentum of its program and turned more customers into loyal brand advocates. REN saw a 68% increase in customer spending by members of the loyalty program. Repeat purchase rates also increased, with loyalty program members repurchasing 63% more than guest visitors. REN now generates 38% of its total turnover from its loyal customers.

Today, members of REN Clean Skincare’s loyalty program have an average order value 104% higher and spend 271% more than regular customers. Program members also spend more often than regular customers and add more to their cart while on the REN Clean Skincare website.

Vision for the future

AJ Patel, Global Head of E-Commerce at REN Clean Skincare, said, “Loyalty and CRM have become irreplaceable channels to fuel our business growth. LoyaltyLion has been a great partner in helping us revamp our loyalty program and improve customer retention. Working with LoyaltyLion was a natural fit, as their customer success team provided valuable expertise in improving functionality for a few of our unique customer use cases.”

Fiona Stevens is Chief Marketing Officer at LoyaltyLion, a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform that powers the growth of over 10,000 e-commerce merchants globally.

Joseph P. Harris