How to Increase Customer Loyalty with Data-Driven Customer Empathy

Empowering today’s brand experiences through technology and human-centered interactions

How AI, data science and analytics can be harnessed to make customer experiences more enjoyable for customers and more profitable for businesses.


The era of hyperconnectivity has opened up a world of possibilities for brands to meaningfully engage with customers through their preferred channels when they need it most. Companies that can leverage deep analytics and customer data to generate actionable insights will be able to anticipate customer needs. Those who are able to combine these capabilities with true omnichannel experiences will be able to successfully increase customer loyalty and wallet share.

This webinar explores how the key to customers’ hearts is in humanized touchpoints and how companies can leverage technology to empathize and create powerful connections with consumers. He will discuss how CX companies like Atento leverage technology, knowledge and talent to accelerate companies’ customer-centric innovation programs, while optimizing resources.

Register for the webinar to learn:

  • The Value for Customers and Brands of Empowering High-Performing CX Agents with AI, Data, and Analytics
  • How to deliver consistent, seamless omnichannel customer experiences across digital and voice channels
  • How to automate repetitive manual activities to increase productivity and optimize efficiency


Ashby has a strong global background in both operations and technology. He has led teams in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America, and brings extensive expertise in developing operational processes and strategic relationships with major international clients. He also developed technology solutions to deliver best-in-class performance across the entire partner portfolio.

Prior to joining Atento, he worked as Global Vice President of Operations at Teleperformance, where he spent much of his career in various leadership positions working to transform client operations and build high performing teams to support strategic initiatives and exceed corporate objectives. Ashby holds a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship from the University of Utah and has multiple certifications in Lean Six Sigma methodologies. With this appointment, Atento reinforces its global transformation strategy aimed at deploying highly sophisticated and innovative customer relationship solutions combined with a human approach.



Joseph P. Harris