InLife is focused on building strong client relationships

The Philippine Star

February 10, 2022 | 00:00

MANILA, Philippines – Aiming to update its existing customer-facing website by making it cross-platform and mobile-friendly, Insular Life (InLife) recently launched the latest version of its customer portal as a mobile app – Tribos .

Named after the Filipino translation for “tribe” in the plural, Tribos represents how InLife views its community as defined by traditions, language, culture and ideology by expanding belonging, loyalty and involvement.

“We want to be closely connected with our customers and reach more Filipinos. We want to build a strong relationship with them by knowing what interests them and what excites them. In doing so, we not only become their partners in creating wealth, but also their partners in achieving the good life they deserve,” said Gae Martinez, Chief Marketing Officer at InLife.

The Tribos app is currently available as a Progressive Web App and works on any internet-enabled mobile device (smartphone and tablet) with modern web browsers.

InLife policyholders now have faster and more convenient access to their account information anytime, anywhere. It has four main sections: Home, Policies, Login, and Discovery.

Accessible to policyholders after successful login, the Tribos app home page provides an overview of active policies with their corresponding coverage. In this section, policyholders can also see reminders about when the next payment is due and pay directly from the app using a credit card, debit card or wallet electronically through Dragonpay.

As part of the security features of the Tribos app, users will be automatically logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity. In addition to this, InLife will soon incorporate the use of biometric login.

Joseph P. Harris