Langham Place improves customer loyalty with revamped app

This article is produced in collaboration with DigiSalad.

Today, many customers consider themselves loyalto a brand, whether they are part of a loyalty program program or not. One before Emarsys A report found that with many consumers having tried new products, stores or ways to shop during the pandemic, only one in five (19%) said COVID-19 had made them less selective about relates to brands. Meanwhile, there are several types of fidelity, including prompted loyalty through discounts and rewards; loyalty inherited from association with other brands; and silent loyalty where customer loyalty is built without public advocacy or endorsement.

At the 2022 Loyalty and Engagement Awards in Hong Kong, Langham Place shopping mall, operated by Eagle Property Management (CP), won two silver medals in the Best Use of Rewards and Incentives and Best Membership categories Program categories, as well as a bronze medal in the best loyalty campaign – Category Launch/Rebranding in collaboration with DigiSalad. The agency demonstrated a deep agreement customer loyalty and successfully to help Langham Place revamps its app.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING: Can you elaborate on the challenges facing Langham Place? What do you see as the most acute problem with its existing loyalty program?

DigiSalad: A fidelity program is crucial for a brand to acquire new customers and retain existing customers to facilitate business growth. When loyalty program has been established for some time, it is not easy to avoid the period of loyalty stagnation program to grow and break through. Customers can lose their loyalty when they find the loyalty app is not user-friendly or cannot meet their expectations.

Therefore, the main challenges for the loyalty of Langham Place program are the means to retain customers, increase their commitment and build a strong relationship between the brand and the customers.

For example, in our new mobile loyalty app, we have implemented a self-service membership point check-in system, allowing customers to skip the line at customer service counters for membership. recording of points. This not only helps to provide a better and more convenient customer experience, but also increases users’ habits of using the loyalty app and encourages them to continue earning membership points by spending at the mall.

On the other hand, we are facing external challenges due to the pandemic. During this period, retailers and shopping centers have been affected by the decline in footfall and customer spending. Therefore, how to increase mall traffic and encourage customers to spend is critical. The loyalty app has also become one of the important touchpoints to engage our customers and encourage them to spend. For example, our members can participate in the in-app raffle when they spend in the mall. Meanwhile, many promotional offers, rewards and gifts are available in the loyalty app which allows our members to explore and redeem.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING: What sets the revamped Langham Place app apart from other malls in Hong Kong?

DigiSalad: We use a client-centric approach when formulating our strategies. We take into account the needs of our customers and end customers to ensure that our mobile application not only meets their needs, but also exceeds their expectations. To stand out in the market, we believe that providing good User experience in our loyalty app is of utmost importance in order to increase customer loyalty and engagement. For example, in the Langham Place Loyalty App, we have simplified the member sign-up process to reduce the drop-out rate during sign-up.

In the meantime, we provide users with an option to complete the questionnaire and provide more demographic data after the member registers. The revamped flow not only increases member sign-up completion rates, but also allows us to better understand our customers and provide them with more personalized offers and messages. At the same time, we are implementing self-service point registration and a new reward redemption system in the mobile app so that users can earn membership points and redeem gifts easily in the mobile app. ‘application.

In addition to this, to add more excitement to shopping, we have also applied gamification in the loyalty app to keep customers engaged. Adopt gamification in loyalty program is on the rise and becoming the trend to interact with users. In the Langham Place customer loyalty app, an instant in-app raffle campaign is introduced to promote the use of consumer vouchers in the mall.

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When our customers spend a specific amount at Langham Place, they can scan the receipts in the app and receive a token to enter the raffle in the app. They can get the draw result and rewards instantly in the app. More gaming experiences and customer loyalty features will soon be added to the app to provide an amazing and convenient shopping experience for our customers.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING: Can you tell us about the services and strengths of your company, and how to use them to solve the problems encountered by customers?

DigiSalad: Our company, DigiSalad, specializes in user experience (UX), user interface (UI) design and digital transformation solutions for different touchpoints including responsive websites, mobile apps and digital kiosks.

Since I started my company, I have been very grateful to have gained a wealth of experience in UX and UI Design working in companies and internal agencies. For me it was not just an experience, it gave me a clear direction on how I should position our business, DigiSalad. It also becomes our company’s mission and vision: to create amazing UX. In the Hong Kong market, UX and UI may be new concepts and not the main concerns in projects or product development. Sometimes, customers and some designers may only care about the interface of mobile app or website and overlook the importance of user experience. However, when the app or website is not user-friendly, it is difficult to keep our customers engaged, even if the interface is pretty. So, a good user experience is as important as the cornerstone of an edifice. It acts as the foundation of the mobile app or website to deliver a smooth and logical user journey to our customers which increases their engagement and loyalty.

For DigiSalad, having excellent skills in UX and UI Design is one of our main strengths. Not only do we design the trending UI for our clients’ projects, but also emphasize the importance of UX design for our projects; at analyze user experience and journey to formulate the best UX for mobile app and website. This is also reflected in the recruitment and training of our staff. We ensure that all of our colleagues, including the creative team, technical team, and project management team, have professional knowledge of UX thinking and UI design.

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Meanwhile, we provide different trainings for our UX/UI designers, such as weekly design sharing workshops for our design team members to share their design ideas or update the latest design trends UX and UI in the market.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING: Going forward, what are the future projects in the next one to two years?

DigiSalad: Thanks to the support and trust of our customers, DigiSalad grows rapidly in six years with a head office in Hong Kong and an office in Taiwan. During the pandemic, we can see that the demand for digital transformation strategies has risen sharply. In the next one to two years, we will expand our team to foreign market. We plan to open our new UK office this year. We also aim to build a strong team with professional knowledge in digital transformation and UX/UI design to come up with overall ideas and strategies for all our projects.

At the same time, we are developing our own digital products. Our mission and vision is to champion UX and UI in the marketplace. Therefore, we develop digital transformation solutions by leveraging our UX and UI experiences and expertise that enable our clients to build their digitized consumer loyalty program Where Online Store profitably. More importantly, our end users will enjoy using our customers’ mobile apps and websites with higher loyalty and engagement.

Joseph P. Harris