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Photo: GTWC Australia

Mercedes-AMG and Triple Eight have unveiled a new central support center for the brand’s racing operations in the Pacific region.

Working closely with HWA AG, Mercedes-AMG’s longtime development partner, to establish the new operation, Triple Eight will provide full support to Australian and New Zealand customers.

It will include the supply of spare parts, the possibility of completing the rebuilds or repairs of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 and GT4 models. A support truck will be present at select race and test events on both sides of the Tasman and provide on-site parts and engineering expertise.

“We are really happy to be able to provide an even better service to our customer racing teams and vehicle owners in Australia and New Zealand,” said Stefan Wendl, Mercedes-AMG Customer Race Manager.

“In Triple Eight Race Engineering, we have found the ideal partner for the implementation of this task.

“The company works very professionally and also has the engineering expertise to carry out repair and reconstruction work, alongside the supply of spare parts and sales logistics, in accordance with our high quality standards. .

“The new motorsport hub brings together all of the Customer Racing skills for the region at the same level as in Affalterbach. “

The new company guarantees that customers in Australia and New Zealand will benefit from a localized support program, including a full service in cooperation with HWA AG. This is underlined by Andrew Barrett, senior engineer from HWA AG, who remains in a supporting role.

The creation of this new hub in partnership with Triple Eight not only strengthens the Mercedes-AMG brand on the right track, but will transfer it to its AMG Driving Academy activities.

“Having been part of the Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing and Performance Racing programs for the past few years, everyone at Triple Eight is very excited and honored by the opportunity to further expand our relationship with Mercedes-AMG,” said Triple. Eight Race. Roland Dane of Engineering.

“Our GT program has been successful on and off the track under the aegis of AMG. We take very seriously the task of expanding the affiliation with the Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing brand with the provision of both factory parts and service for GT3 and GT4 cars in Australia and New Zealand. .

“We look forward to helping increase the number of Mercedes-AMG customer cars in the region by providing unparalleled assistance to AMG racing owners. “

Triple Eight will continue to compete, while fulfilling its role of service and support to customer teams, while also being authorized to offer test opportunities for both Mercedes-AMG racing variants.


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Joseph P. Harris