Mutare Introduces New Customer Relationship Management System

By Felix Matasva, Manicaland correspondent

The town of Mutare has introduced a new digital system for reporting and tracking complaints filed by residents to ensure accountability.

In a public notice on Thursday, Mutare City said the new system was developed in-house in conjunction with the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) as part of Local Authority Digital Systems (LADS) which looks after of customer relationship management.

The notice noted that the new digital system is currently being tested.

“Notice is hereby given to the residents and stakeholders of Mutare that the Town of Mutare has created a new system for reporting and tracking queries and complaints. The new CRM system provides a referral number for each complaint which is texted to whoever reported it,” Mutare’s public notice reads.

“Residents are encouraged to cooperate with our Customer Relationship Management team when following up by phone. We believe the new system will bring accountability to council, residents and stakeholders,” he added.

The new system will allow local authority customers to lodge any complaints about service delivery using mobile phones via social media platforms or by appointment.

After the complaint is filed, the CRM team will fill in the personal contact details, booth number and location of the person who reported the issue.

Once the process is complete, the machine automatically generates a reference number used to track progress. The system will send the report

complaint to the agents who will rectify the problem in question.

Once the problem is resolved, an internal communication system will be set up between the CRM team and the field agents.

The person who reported the complaint will be contacted for comment.

Mutare has fought to effectively deal with complaints filed by residents regarding bursting water and sewer pipes, among others.

Joseph P. Harris