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BOSTON, 23 November 2021 / PRNewswire / Nasuni Company, one of the main suppliers of cloud file storage, today announced that its Customer Success Team has received the coveted NorthFace ScoreBoard Service Award for demonstrating its continued commitment to building profitable and long-term customer loyalty by continuously exceeding expectations.

Audited and awarded by the Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC (CRMI), Nasuni received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 86 and a Transaction Survey ScoreBoard Index (SBI) rating of 4.7 for overall technical support. According to Bain & Company, the creators of the NPS system, a score of 50 is excellent while a score of 80 or more is considered world class.

“The Nasuni support team are interactive, engaged and provide a very knowledgeable understanding of all of their products,” said Malcolm brown, IT Operations Manager at client Nasuni Ithaca Energy. “The excellent support and faster file recovery provided by Nasuni ensures that we can make the data available to any of our locations,” said Brown.

For 21 years, the NorthFace ScoreBoard Service Award has been presented annually to companies that have achieved customer service excellence in the calendar year, based on the reviews of their own customers.

“File data is essential for any organization and our customers need to have confidence that their data is in good hands. Nasuni’s customer-centric approach has ensured high retention and superior satisfaction beyond other choices in this space, ”said Paul flanagan, CEO of Nasuni. “This is especially important in the world of SaaS where customers are not locked into long hardware cycles. We make it easy for customers to move their data from files to the cloud and must make a living every day by providing superior customer value and support. I am very proud that our successful team won this world class award. “

Jason DePardo, Vice President of Customer Success and Services at Nasuni, said, “Our support team goes the extra mile and works hard to help our customer environments run smoothly, even when their issues are not related to our service. cloud file storage. good salespeople are how they support their products after the sale. I am proud and honored to be part of this exceptional team and to receive this recognition from the Customer Relationship Management Institute.

To learn more, please visit the Nasuni Customer Success page page.

Customer statements:

  • “Problems are quickly understood through in-depth company analysis to identify an appropriate solution. They are very useful and easy to process. “- Malcolm brown, IT Operations Manager at oil and gas supplier, Ithaca Energy
  • “Nasuni was a real lifeline when we were hit by ransomware. After we got hold of the attack and determined what was impacted, we were able to restore all the data in the files and our operations went almost nothing. ” – Stephen held, CIO of the AEC firm, LEO ONE DAY
  • “I like everything about Nasuni.” – Dave coffman, director of corporate infrastructure at the media giant, Meredith Company
  • “The Nasuni technical support team has been truly exceptional. Anytime we have a problem, and there are very, very few issues, we have been able to get an online consultant and fix it on the first call. phone call or the first email. Even if something requires a higher level of technical support, it gets dealt with very quickly and resolved very quickly. ” – Simon hoby, Group IT Operations Manager within an architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firm, Snow Capped Mountain Engineering Company (SMEC)
  • “I would give their support a 10 out of 10. Whenever I have a problem, they respond very quickly.” – Jeff Pisano, IT manager for Invictus Capital Partners, a financial services company
  • “My experience with support was very positive. I had 24/7 support and there were times when I needed to contact them outside of business hours.” – Josh goldman, Head of IT Infrastructure at McLaren Construction Group

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