Not just brands, but the causes they support

Charitable donations in the United States will top $500 billion this year, and that’s a big deal not only for the charities themselves, but also for the companies soliciting and collecting these donations. Baby boomers might remember collecting change for Unicef, donating coins to the Salvation Army at the mall, or maybe sending a check with Easter stamps. These analog fundraising techniques have evolved into the digital world, and it’s now much easier to donate to your favorite charity as part of your daily transactions.

One company facilitating digital donations is Charleston, SC based in / Pact, Inc., which has taken a step forward for digital donations beyond donation facilitation. Starting with Millennials and continuing with Gen Z, consumers are increasingly demanding a higher level of corporate responsibility from the companies they do business with, as evidenced by their support for causes that matter to them. Increasingly, consumers buy not only on price and product, but the social conscience of the company they buy from. In/Pact’s goal is to deepen these relationships, not only by making it easier for companies to financially support charitable causes, but also by making it easier for consumers to donate to these causes as part of their purchases. .

Preview by Don ApgarDirector of the Merchant Services Advisory Practice at Mercator Advisory Group

Joseph P. Harris