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Today, the sky is the limit when it comes to sales and marketing strategies. And in recent years, during the pandemic, when offline events were banned and everyone received information through online channels, it was difficult to stay competitive in the online and offline worlds.

That’s why so many businesses are looking for ways to stand out and build customer loyalty. According to the CEO of Sendoso, Kris Rudeegraap, “having a personal connection with prospects, employees and others just means more.” Rudeegraap’s company has proven that corporate gifts are one of those ways with their success $100M Series C Funding round.

End-to-end giveaway platform

Sendoso’s software essentially offers one-click corporate gifts and swag, and handles the logistics of packaging and delivering them to the customer. The origin of the idea lies in Rudeegraap’s difficulty in manually assembling corporate gifts.

Sendoso offers a comprehensive marketplace of personalized gifts and gift cards to choose from. The customer chooses the gift and personalization for their potential or current customer, and Sendoso packages and ships it anywhere in the world, providing their customers with global scaling opportunities. The company offers plenty of opportunities for personalization, differentiating customers from competitors who rely on more “conventional” or even outdated methods of customer relations, such as email marketing and free pens with a company logo.

Sendoso software integrates with CRM systems such as SalesForce and HubSpot. By offering such integrations, its customers can see the live evolution of the customer relationship supported by corporate gifts, whether physical or electronic. Such scaling and automation of corporate gifts can save time and increase revenue by keeping customers happy. For large organizations that send hundreds or thousands of gifts at a time, this is significant added value, not least because all departments involved can track their respective ROI across relevant campaigns.

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