Online Reviews “Create Narrative of Good Customer Relations,” AM Webinar Reveals

Online reviews should be adopted by automotive retailers to “create a story of good customer service,” AM’s latest “CEO’s Guide to …” webinar heard.

A panel of automotive retail experts joined Reputation – EMEA Automotive Director Andy Wand to share his perspective on how to build a solid reputation in automotive retail earlier this week.

Among the main takeaways was the assertion that good and bad customer reviews should be encouraged in greater numbers to give the opportunity to deliver good results to customers in a more visible way.

“You can ask people to take a follow-up exam and that almost cancels the first exam, and it shows people that you are fixing the issues,” said Wand, who suggested that the exams could be used to “create a narrative. good customer service “.

He said: “Things are going badly, but if people see that you are addressing these issues and taking action, it can increase your reputation online.”

This week, Snows Motor Group rolled out of Reputation’s Auto 2021 report to secure first place in its UK auto retailer rankings by online reputation, with Hyundai as the leading automaker.

To read the full automatic reputation report, click here.

AM’s auto dealer expert panel was comprised of: Dominic Gouldsborough, Waylands Automotive Sales Director; Luscombe Motors CEO Robin Luscombe; David Boyd, director of Roadside Garages and founding member of IMDA; Cheshire Cars owner David Bilsborough.

Luscombe provided an overview of his “hands-on” approach to building the reputation of his car retail business as part of his webinar preview.

He said staff retention plays a big role in the success of the sales department, with customers keen to face a familiar face and on a human level after establishing a relationship with the company.

But he also said low-pressure sales were also central to his good reputation with customers.

“The history of the industry is a long story of retailers trying to force customers to buy cars they don’t want and trying to oversell a car,” he said.

“We just got into the idea that we wanted to give people a pleasant experience when buying a car.

“It has to be a culture that runs through the company.”

Gouldsborough told AM that happy staff are at the heart of Waylands’ approach to ensuring happy customers.

“If you have employees who are happy at work and enjoy doing their jobs, there’s a much better chance that this gets passed on to your customers,” he said.

This week’s webinar “GM’s Guide to Building Your Dealership’s Reputation” was the latest in a series of AM webinars covering different areas of automotive retail.

The full webinar series can be viewed on the AM website.

Joseph P. Harris