oxio’s customer support team is redefining the relationship most people have with their ISP

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Contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) when there is a problem with your connection should never lead to frustration or anger. But we’d be lying if we said our couch pillows didn’t get a cathartic punch or two after ending a call.

“Have you ever felt like you’ve traveled the world three times because an ISP transferred you to three different departments to try to solve your problem and after 59 minutes nothing was done and your Wi-Fi still does not work ?” asks Marc-André Campagna, CEO and co-founder of oxio. “We will never impose this on our customers.”

Far too many support teams rely on chatbots, scripted positive responses, and the dreaded “let me transfer you” movement when a customer has a problem.

Digital ISP oxio is committed to transforming the support experience by providing customers with a quick and stress-free solution to their issues. Customers can also enjoy oxio with fair and sustainable prices without being locked into a long-term contract.

Since 2019, Canadian society has replaced the big telecom bullshit we’re used to with honesty, transparency, and interactions that give you hope for humanity.

Gabriel, a full-stack engineer at oxio, recalls one of his most memorable customer support stories from his early days in the company. “I once drove for two hours to personally change a client’s router because he was having home phone issues. I couldn’t figure it out on the first trip, so I ended up doing the trip twice. On my second visit they offered me to stay for a while to play video games and smoke weed. I leave the end to you.

In addition to being the first digital ISP, oxio’s dedication to educating customers and its commitment to humanizing the telecommunications industry sets it apart from other companies. Since the inception of the Internet, ISPs around the world, and particularly here in Canada, have taken too much customers’ money while providing rather poor support.

“I once went to a customer in Saguenay, Quebec, to help them solve a problem with their Internet,” says Matt, Senior Technician at oxio. “Helping the customer felt pretty good and their grandma even sent me home with a ton of candy – that was the best part of the visit, hands down.”

For oxio, changing the way Canadians view the Internet comes down to culture, inside the company and how the team interacts with customers and suppliers.

“You know, we care about when we go to bed worrying about a customer that’s still on our minds,” shares Carolyn, customer service representative at oxio. “The first thing we do when we get to work the next day is check them. We also communicate about our customers as a team so everyone is up to date and up to date with everything that’s going on from a customer support perspective.

When a customer has a problem with their connectivity or just needs information, they can speak directly with a support specialist at oxio. This can be by phone, via Messenger, or by email or SMSwhichever chat medium the customer prefers. Customers will get the answers they need in five minutes or less, about two hours less than the time it takes with other ISPs.

Because of its responsive support team, sustainable pricing, and enthusiasm to share everything it knows about the changing telecommunications industry, Oxio says it wants to be the first ISP people really love.

“Sometimes we have limits on what we can do for our customers because we depend on other companies for shipping and network infrastructure, but we always try to push those limits,” says Alexandre, Head of customer experience at oxio. “The number of times I’ve said or heard someone else say ‘I know we don’t normally do this but could we make an exception for this client?’ is amazing. And it’s always answered with a willingness to understand how to make it happen. You’ll never hear us make excuses or say it’s not our fault. Yes, sometimes things are out of our control, but we We will always go above and beyond to fix it.

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Joseph P. Harris