PlayStation Customer Support Shuts Down Their Twitter DMs

PlayStation is pulling personalized customer support on Twitter, cutting a key line of communication for gamers looking for direct help on social media.

The company made the announcement on Twitter, but refrained from providing a reason why the feature was discontinued. Currently, you can send a direct message to the manager @AskPlayStation (opens in a new tab) The Twitter account and a representative would respond and try to help you with your issue. However, as of August 1, the account is presumably closing its DMs to the public.

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To be clear, there are still ways to contact PlayStation Support (opens in a new tab) outside of Twitter, but it seems the company prefers you to browse through the various support articles (opens in a new tab) before asking for help from a living human being. PlayStation Support also has its own YouTube channel (opens in a new tab)just in case you are more of a visual learner.

Although widely welcomed, the PS5 has been prone to issues such as issuing error codes, crashing, connection failure, etc. since its launch. Many flaws have been fixed in updates, but players will inevitably run into issues throughout the console’s lifespan, and sadly, they’ll soon have one less path to discovering a solution.

In other PlayStation news, Sony recently expanded further into the esports space by acquiring, a digital platform that hosts leaderboard-based tournaments for games such as Fortnite, League of Legends and Call. of Duty: Warzone. This comes just over a year after PlayStation bought Evo, the biggest esports event in the fighting game space.

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Joseph P. Harris