Puratos launches an AR application to increase customer support

Puratos Group has announced the launch of an augmented reality customer support tool/app that will instantly connect bakers, pastry chefs and chocolate makers to business experts via augmented reality (AR) to help with troubleshooting and resolution of problems.

Founded in Belgium in 1919, the company offers a range of innovative products and services for artisans, industry, retailers and catering customers in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors.

Its new Digital AdvisAR is a fast, user-friendly and sustainable solution for all customers – artisan, industrial and in-store bakeries – looking for immediate expert advice on recipe, technical and quality challenges.

Digitalization strategy

The launch plays an important role in the company’s digitization strategy and with 600 technical experts in 71 countries around the world, Puratos says it can provide exceptional in-person technical customer support.

When the pandemic hit, it needed new ways to support its customers when restrictions on international travel were introduced.

Although many companies have launched digitization strategies in response to the pandemic, this idea started before that, in November 2019“said Christophe Surdiacourt, group customer technical support director, Puratos.”

It was inspired by a Harvard Business Review article advocating the use of AR strategy in many other types of businesses due to its benefits for customer interaction.

With digitization already being at the heart of our growth strategy at Puratos, we were excited to explore this opportunity and develop an application that could meet our customers’ needs for speed, quality and efficiency.

“We are delighted to now be able to react so quickly to guide and support them in their challenges, wherever they are,”said Surdiacourt.

Digital AdvisAR by Putatos can be downloaded from customers’ usual app stores.

Joseph P. Harris