Quark.ai presents its standalone customer support chatbot

SAN JOSE, California, November 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Quark.ai, the market leader in stand-alone customer support, today announced the launch of its stand-alone customer support chatbot, “Cory,” developed specifically to enable instant, self-service problem resolutions complex techniques facing industrial and technological companies. .

Quark.ai’s interpretive and conversational chatbot delivers unmatched accuracy, reliability, and speed to resolution for some of the industry’s most critical customer issues. The chatbot is an extension of Quark.ai’s standalone customer support platform, which combines deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to automate search-intensive functions that are often manual, expensive. and hopelessly ineffective. Quark.ai quickly interprets complex customer support cases, navigates a company’s internal documents, and provides instant resolutions to customers. The result for customer support organizations is a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and support spend.

Existing chatbots require predefined rules and responses that meet a tightly defined set of requests, and therefore are unable to handle the wide variety of issues that technical support frequently faces. Unlike these existing designs, Quark.ai’s standalone chatbot is capable of having a conversation with the customer to resolve any issue or request, without prior construction of the response. Quark.ai achieves this by using its proprietary NLP technology to clearly understand and cross-examine an investigation, no matter how complex.

Quark.ai’s patented combination of artificial intelligence and natural language processing produces a chatbot capable of asking questions and responding with more natural words, phrases and terminology, helping to maintain a more comfortable conversation and informative with a client. This unparalleled solution considers, analyzes, and contextualizes the various words that make up the survey and applies that understanding to a resolution of the problem. He is able to use all the documents available within the organization to automatically and intelligently prepare responses and resolutions. This unmatched capability is especially critical for customers of industrial and technology companies, whose complex products often have many versions and continual updates.

“Quark.ai’s conversational chatbot responds to the vision of self-service in customer support,” said the co-founder and CEO of Quark.ai. Prosenjit Sen. “Almost all curious customers who start with self-service quickly give it up in frustration and ask to interact with a customer support representative. This leads to a poor customer experience – and sub-optimal customer problem solving. Quark.ai’s conversational chatbot is a long-awaited solution to this problem, bringing the precision, speed and completeness of stand-alone customer support to the front lines of customer interaction. “

About Quark.ai
Quark.ai is the technology leader in stand-alone customer support. Quark.ai’s multi-channel platform combines Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision to interpret complex client cases and automatically deliver large-scale resolutions with unmatched accuracy and speed. The result is unmatched customer support efficiency and scalability, with lower escalations, higher customer satisfaction, and significant cost savings. More information can be found at https://quark.ai.

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