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Adina John is a registered nurse who is frequently exposed to sunlight and pollutants during her working hours. Throughout her life, the 48-year-old has dealt with dry skin. But right after she hit her menopause, her skin-related issues got out of control.

  • Adina John had faced the problem of skin tags from an early age
  • After menopause, the problem worsened with blemishes and rough patches on her skin
  • Due to her poor skin texture, she was afraid to go out without her makeup
  • She says a natural moisturizing serum helped her get rid of skin tags and heal her skin

For example, she developed dry patches encompassing her mouth. And while it was normal for her to have tags anywhere around her neck, the growing growth took her completely by surprise.

According to skin experts, women are susceptible to many skin changes after menopause. As the body faces a decline in its natural tendency to produce collagen, the skin sags and loses volume. Not only that, it also loses fat and moisture due to hormonal change. This results in wrinkles in the neck, cheeks and jaw line.

The continued deterioration of Adina’s skin weighed on her social health. According to her, she would resist going out without makeup. Even though she did, she noticed people commenting on her unusual skin and her friends questioning her.

It was difficult for her. Despite maintaining a healthy diet and skincare practices, things were going the complete opposite. With absolute concern, she “googled” her problem and learned that it was normal to experience skin problems after menopause.

She also discovered products dedicated to treating issues such as dry skin, dead skin cells, skin tags and blemishes. It was then that Adina came across Skincell Advanced.

According to the nurse, her experience with the naturally formulated serum has been great. Unlike the old and new products she used in her routines, this one did the job for her!

His story goes as follows:

So my skin has always been rough and dry but somewhat manageable thanks to moisturizers earlier. As a nurse, I have my share of sun exposure, which often gives me a rash. However, I always make sure that my skin is protected with a quality sunscreen.

I recently had my menopause and things finally changed for the worse. Besides these countless changes in my physical and mental health, the skin change was all too noticeable. First, I started noticing that my skin was getting drier and darker than usual.

The one near my lips was forming these weird rough spots that just wouldn’t fade. I’ve used olive oil, honey, coconut oil and others, but the patches seem to get more and more irritated.

Another skin condition that got worse for me was the tags on my neck. Honestly, I’ve dealt with skin tags most of my life, but this time it was multiple growths that were pretty big.

As said, I tried to treat the situation with natural remedies. On the other hand, I followed the same skin routine with the same products and treatments. But all in vain!

After months or let’s say about a year, I realized that my skin needed something exceptional. Yes, something that was exclusively designed to counter issues like dry skin, skin tags, and blemishes (a bit on my jaw line).

So I visited a store and got some products after chatting with the sales manager. Again, each of these high priced formulas failed to help me one by one.

It was a point where I started to accept that I will never age gracefully or normally.?

Those red, visible spots were killing my confidence, which I could at least conceal with heavy foundation, but labels?

And even with makeup, the constant application only caused more harm. Without makeup I could feel people watching me, some even mocking and some giving advice.

So I decided to limit my social interactions to at least protect my sanity, if not my skin.

One “upsetting” day, I simply googled the cause of my condition (even though I already knew it) and discovered dedicated products with Skincell Advanced in the top recommendations.

I immediately ordered Skincell Advanced because I was completely in favor of a natural formula for my irritated self!

At first, the application of the serum was light, which was quite remarkable. Second, it wasn’t greasy at all unlike moisturizers like it.

When applying, I covered my neck as it was claimed to be very effective for skin tags.

So the days passed and I started feeling an improvement in my red, dry patches.

Even if the beacons were still there!

After regular use for nearly two weeks or so, the change was evident! First, there was a significant change in my patches and tone. Dryness is controlled and redness reduced. After a long time, I looked fine without my foundation.

Those tiny old blemishes on my jawline were hard to spot now. As for the skin tags, the little ones surprisingly fell off while the bigger ones took another 1 month of application.

Overall my experience with Skincell Advanced has been excellent. The product certainly offered a lot more than I expected.

My skin is soft, clearer and healthier now and I believe this was the rejuvenation process I really wanted.

Skincell Advanced is a brilliant composition of natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin. Although this is a serum specifically for removing moles, blemishes, and tags, its properties are extended to restore moisture for youthful appeal.

Skincell Advanced is not a moisturizer for a specific sex of a specific age. But it is a perfect tool that can be incorporated by anyone of any age into their skincare routine.

Skincell Advanced consists of highly researched ingredients proven to support healthy skin. As each of them is organic, the serum proves to be 100% safe in both brief and prolonged use.

Few of these ingredients are:

Bloodroot canadensis:

The extract of this flowering perennial herb contains herbal and healing powers. This is why; the precious agent can treat a plethora of health issues and heal wounds.

Being the backbone of Skincell Advanced, it encourages white blood cells to reach the affected area and start healing.

Papaya leaf extract:

The ingredient offers papain, an enzyme that exfoliates pores for dirt-free, luminous and fresh skin. Besides papain, it contains vitamin A and alpha hydroxy acids which slough off dead skin cells and improve overall glow

Apple pectin:

As we age, our skin loses collagen, which causes fine lines and wrinkles. Besides soothing the skin, the ingredient facilitates the growth of collagen.

Zincum muriaticum:

It is a mineral extracted from the earth’s crust. Being a powerful antiseptic, it helps the white blood cells to create a layer encompassing the affected area. The WBC then triggers the healing process and leads to faster recovery of the skin.

Oat bran:

The ingredient comes forward with its antioxidant properties and is therefore very effective for anti-inflammatory needs. To be more specific, an agent like oat bran can effortlessly remove dead skin cells and promote healthy skin. On the other hand, it consists of a compound called saponins. Saponins work brilliantly as organic cleansers to exfoliate and purify the skin.

Skincell Advanced is a legit skincare product based on 100% research-backed ingredients. For example, advanced research on papaya leaves has confirmed its healing abilities which come from its anti-inflammatory properties. Another study conducted on rabbits found that the very ingredient was able to reduce the appearance of scar tissue.

Additionally, the anti-aging skin benefits of apple pectin have also been validated by an in vitro study. According to her, the agent contains polysaccharides that could fight against the changes that result from aging in the shape of our skin. And finally, the British Journal of Medicine claims that oat bran is packed with nutrients needed to moisturize and cleanse the skin.

If all these studies and the feedback from Skincell Advanced are to be believed, any possible question regarding its effectiveness is immediately nullified.

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