Starlink Customer Support Stressed Due to “Rapid Expansion”

On the customer service front, the company’s satellite internet service is struggling. SpaceX apologized for Starlink’s slow response time to customer service requests in a note to select existing subscribers this week.

“We have fallen behind in our regular response time as we rapidly expanded our customer base,” the company noted in the letter, which was uploaded by Reddit user “sindarwin” and later noticed by Business Insider.

“We apologize – this is not the level of assistance we aspire to provide,” the SpaceX statement said, “and we are making a number of enhancements to better ourselves, including enhancing the capacity of our fantastic support team”.

they waited 11 days to receive a response from the company. However, SpaceX’s message merely noted “we appreciate your patience and assure you that someone will respond eventually,” without providing a firm timeline.

Scottlee64, also received the same message from SpaceX regarding customer support delays. He has been waiting for help for about 10 days to repair his Starlink satellite dish, which no longer lights up.

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  • Starlink Customer Support Stressed Due to “Rapid Expansion”
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Joseph P. Harris