Tactic Air Drone Review – Is It Good? Prices and customer reviews

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Since they can record stunning images and movies from various angles, consumer drones have become more popular. Moreover, the drone can help you capture beautiful images even in crowded or dangerous places. For creative documentation of your daily life, drones are a great tool. Most can capture high quality images even at distances of up to 100 meters. It can be difficult to locate a sturdy, lightweight, and easy-to-use drone.

To learn more about the Tactic Air Drone, please keep reading.

What is Tactic AIR Drone?

The Tactic AIR drone is touted as a powerful instrument for capturing crystal clear videos and stills. According to the creators, it is designed to be simple enough that anyone can use it effectively. It’s also ultra-compact and lightweight, so you can take it with you anywhere. If you’re struggling to stand out in a crowd, the Tactic AIR drone can help you take the right shot. Due to its geometric layout, it offers the highest level of precision in flight.

They say you can control the drone with hand gestures and it can also be tracked by activating its “follow me” mode. For HD video recordings and 480p camera footage, both cameras are perfectly positioned.

How does Tactic Drone work?

Anyone can fly and use Tactic AIR’s drone, according to the manufacturer. Thanks to its intuitive and intelligent controls, you do not need any special expertise or ability to use it. The manufacturers of the Tactic AIR Drone recommend that you charge the battery as soon as you receive it. Next, delete the app that connects your drone to it. If you can, also use a remote with a mobile base attached to the bottom. Then you can start taking the photos and videos you need.

Asteroid and boomerang shots, as well as pre-programmed shots, allow you to take every shot or video like a seasoned drone operator within 100m for an additional fee. Take-off and landing are made easy with the remote control, and capture buttons let you choose between video and camera shots. You can use joysticks or smart sensors to change the direction of the drone. The Tactic AIR drone can also be controlled via a smartphone app by aligning it with the app.

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Tactic AIR drone features and benefits

Each of the Tactic AIR Drone’s features is designed to help novices use it while experienced drone users can improve their skills to acquire better images. Features that make this product special include:

In flight, your drone is protected against collisions with obstacles thanks to the integrated sensors.

At 30 frames per second, 4K UHD resolution lets you get high-quality movies and images at 4K resolution.

With a full charge, the Tactic AIR Drone battery can last up to 20 minutes in the air. To ensure you get the best shots possible, the 3.7V 1800mAh lithium battery gives you extra flight time.

You can film easily because the cameras are solid and stable. Manual adjustment of the cameras is not necessary.

Dual wide-angle cameras on the Tactical AIR Drone allows you to watch and record from both cameras simultaneously.

The drone’s remarkable smart gesture settings allow you to automatically launch and control the drone using hand movements.

The speed of the drone is simply adjustable.

You can get good results with smartphone app flight and shooting controls.

In terms of portability and weight, the Tactic AIR Drone is perfect. It folds up small enough to put in a bag for easy transport.

When you activate the “follow me” mode, the drone will intelligently follow you.

Using trajectory mode, you can steer your drone to fly in the exact path you desire. Trajectory mode can be easily integrated into the app.

The Tactic AIR drone has a compact outer coating that protects it from bacteria, yeasts and mites, making it resistant to deterioration.

In-app video filters allow you to make real-time edits to your movies and photographs. Emboss, Vintage, and Natural are just a few of the photography options. You can also use flyers to add music to your live videos.

Results of using tactical drones

The design of the Tactic AIR Drone ensures that you get high quality images and videos. As the drone moves, you can rely on its fixed-point expertise to produce crystal-clear photographs. Self-contained operation and a stable platform above the ground should make every dollar spent worthwhile. The fact that it is so easy to use makes it a great choice for anyone new to drones.


  • Smart Forms of Flight
  • Six-axis gyroscope
  • 20 to 25 minutes flight time
  • Foldable and compact
  • chase buttons that simplify chases
  • A 4K dual camera system
  • Profitable

The inconvenients

  • The Tactic AIR drone can only be purchased on the manufacturer’s website.
  • According to the manufacturer, the product is out of stock.
  • A GPS mode is not included.
  • No microSD card slot and no internal storage are included in this device.
  • Because it can only be used with Wi-Fi, the range of the remote control is severely constrained.

Price of Tactic Drone and where to buy it?

You can only buy the Tactic AIR drone on the company’s official website. According to the official sales page, you can save up to 50% if you buy this product soon. There are a limited number of Tactic AIR drones on the market, so if you want to buy one, don’t wait. The creators also offer free drones for a short time if you buy in volume. Plus, for a limited time, Tactic AIR Drone maker is offering free shipping on all orders.


When it comes to quadcopters, the Tactic AIR Drone might be just what you’re looking for! Both expert and novice pilots will definitely find this gadget useful in capturing high quality images and videos. Convenient for those who are always on the go, it can be folded up. Photos can also be viewed simultaneously or separately, allowing for crisp shots. You won’t find this feature in any competitor device, but it allows you to use your smartphone to operate the quadcopter.


Q. Is Tactic Air Drone any good?

Yes absolutely. Tactic AIR Drone is a great choice for all budget-conscious aerial photography and film enthusiasts.

Q. Is Tactic Air Drone legit or fraudulent?

Tactic Air Drone is a 100% legit product. There are many dealers in the market selling this drone. But if you need a genuine product, you should avoid these dealers. Buy it only from the supplier’s official website.

Q. How do customers rate Tactic Air Drone?

In the vast majority of outstanding reviews, consumers are expressing their delight with this high-performance, simple-to-use, yet relatively affordable drone. Customers, new and experienced alike, have applauded the RC drone’s cutting-edge features, including its dual cameras with wide-angle lenses, long battery life (up to 20 minutes), Follow Me feature, and unbeatable price. .

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