TeamSupport partners with Perseus Group to strengthen customer support experiences

Perseus Group Seeks to Drive Operational Excellence Across its Portfolio with Customer Support Leader TeamSupport

/PRNewswire/ — Team supportthe leading provider of B2B customer service solutions, today announced that it has entered into an exciting new partnership with Perseus Group. Perseus Group has chosen TeamSupport as their preferred customer service provider to bring its robust platform to Perseus Group portfolio companies. Through this agreement, Perseus Group will use the TeamSupport platform to provide unparalleled solutions to its businesses looking to scale while maintaining or improving their customer support.

Perseus recognized the importance and impact of happy customers and quality commitment on businesses, “TeamSupport was a perfect fit for our portfolio companies and aligns with our goal of quality customer support,” said Dexter Salna, Chairman of the Perseus Group. “We both enjoy growth. At Perseus, we help companies become market leaders and TeamSupport ensures that customers remain at the center of these companies’ operations,” he continued.

The TeamSupport customer service platform provides B2B organizations with a complete solution to manage the entire after-sales customer relationship. By recommending TeamSupport as a preferred vendor in the Perseus Group portfolio, the company has the unique opportunity to create a completely unified customer support experience across all of its verticals, regardless of industry. “TeamSupport is committed to standardizing customer-centric support efforts across B2B organizations, so this partnership is an exciting time for us. We believe that strong customer relationships are the foundation of all businesses and we are delighted to partner with Perseus to put customers at the center of their business,” expressed Pete KhannaCEO of TeamSupport.

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TeamSupport is the award-winning aftermarket customer service software company designed specifically for the unique needs of B2B businesses. We help businesses put the customer first and always put the customer at the center of the business. With a focus on streamlined collaboration designed for the B2B customer, TeamSupport focuses on all aspects of the customer experience.

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About Perseus Group

The Perseus operating group businesses provide software solutions to a number of vertical markets. Perseus acquires, manages and builds software companies that provide specialized and mission-critical software solutions. Perseus companies seek to become leaders in their markets by improving their operations, growing through organic initiatives and seeking acquisitions that can strengthen their market position.

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