The Best Yoga Mats on Amazon Under $40, According to Customer Reviews

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Is there a month more worthy of a life reset than January? Between recovering from the chaos of the holidays, trying to keep New Year’s resolutions, and simply adjusting to the winter weather, there’s no better time to add de-stressing practices to your routine than during the first month of the year. .

For many people, this comes in the form of yoga or other gentle wellness exercises. Whether you plan to attend yoga classes in person or join virtually at home, a durable mat is essential for an effective flow. But not all yoga mats are created equal, and not all mats are perfect for you. From thickness and shape to material type and color scheme, there is more to buying yoga mats than meets the eye. However, regardless of your personal preference, there’s one thing all yoga fans can probably agree on: draining your bank account for a yoga mat is totally unnecessary. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best and top-rated yoga mats you can buy for under $40 — and they’re all available on Amazon.

Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat with Easy-Cinch Carry Strap

If you’re looking for something as affordable as it is popular among shoppers, look no further than this mat from Gaiam Essentials. At two-fifths of an inch thick, the foam rubber mat is sure to give you a plush yet sturdy foundation for the smoothest and most intense yoga flows. With eight color choices and a removable strap, it’s no wonder more than 22,000 buyers gave it a five-star rating. “This rug is super thick and fluffy – very comfortable!” we wrote. “I usually skip exercises in a workout that requires me to be on the floor because my knees or elbows bruise easily and hurt for days afterwards. Thanks to this mat, that’s not the case anymore! I don’t slip on it either; it’s eye-catching. Really a great buy!”

Buy it! Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat with Easy-Cinch Carry Strap, $16.99-$34.99;

Soft and smooth, this flexible thermoplastic mat offers plenty of support for everything from yoga and pilates to high-intensity workouts. The mat is designed with a sticky, non-slip texture on both sides to secure it (and you) in place during exercise. You can choose from seven colors and three sizes, which all customers are obsessed with. “The quality of this rug is amazing,” wrote one buyer. “I used to have a really cheap yoga mat that always needed extra padding for my joints and frequent cleaning. [It] didn’t really have any grip and it started falling apart after a few months… Then I found the Gruper mat and fell in love with it! Beyond fantastic quality, it’s comfortable for all my sensitive joints. No matter how much I sweat, I always have impeccable grip.”

Buy it! Grouper Non-Slip Yoga Mat, $26.99-$33.99;

Ewedoos eco-friendly yoga mat with alignment lines

This option is perfect for beginners and yogis who like to practice without guidance from an instructor. The 72 inch by 24 inch mat features alignment marks that help the user to perfect their poses. A “grip and non-slippery” design keeps the mat from slipping and yogis’ hands and feet from slipping out of place, while a quarter-inch-thick thermoplastic material keeps knees from hurting . “I’ve tried three types of rugs and this is my favorite,” wrote one satisfied customer. “It is easy to roll up, light, not bulky, and the most [importantly], I do not slip on it. Some rugs have a slight sheen or are too spongy. This one is just the thing.”

Buy it! Ewedoos eco-friendly yoga mat with alignment lines, $26.99 with coupon (original $29.99);

Gaiam Premium Reversible Extra Thick Mat

There’s a good reason this rug has “premium” in its name. Made with extra padding for an extra thick construction, the mat makes all types of workouts more comfortable and easier on your joints than ever before. It’s also free of chemical phthalates, making it just as great a choice for the planet as it is for you. It’s available in a dozen reversible styles, and nearly 10,000 buyers have given the rug five stars. “I’ve only had this rug for two days so far, but I’m in love with it,” one wrote. “The thickness is perfect for cushioning my knees, which my previous mat seriously lacked, and the non-slip factor holds up well. I had no issues with it slipping – neither my hands nor the mat itself. It unrolls perfectly flat and stays flat… I am extremely satisfied.”

Buy it! Gaiam Premium Reversible Extra Thick Mat, $33.22 (original $34.98);

NewMe Educational Yoga Mat

Need a little inspiration during your yoga practice? This fun option from NewMe lists 70 popular poses and stretches with illustrations, so you’ll never forget one or how to do a move. The mat is made of non-slip material with shock-absorbing padding, which makes it much easier to practice. It’s also lightweight, durable, and sweat-wicking, so you’re almost guaranteed to reach for this mat every time you work out. More than 5,000 customers gave it a perfect rating, writing, “I’m new to yoga, so I love it. [having] the ability to look down and be prompted to adopt new poses. The mat is the right amount of stickiness…and it gives a good amount of cushion without being too fluffy [and getting] in the sense of stability. I took the pink, and it’s a lovely bright shade.”

Buy it! NewMe Educational Yoga Mat, $31.97;

Kuyou Foldable Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Don’t have a lot of extra space? No problem. With this lightweight and foldable yoga mat from Kuyou, you can easily fold it into a carrying pouch, making it perfect for small spaces and travel. Although it is made of ultra-thin rubber and suede, the mat is resistant to perspiration, stretching, wear and high temperatures, and provides excellent grip. It comes in five styles – some with alignment marks and some without – and each comes with an elastic strap to enhance your workouts. “It’s so perfect for travelling!” a buyer wrote. “The way you put it in a little bag that fits in a corner of the luggage is very appealing. I laid it on the carpet in the hotel, so the thin layer didn’t bother me at all. Actually , it’s really non-slip and even better than my regular yoga mat.”

Buy it! Kuyou Foldable Non-Slip Yoga Mat, $23.77;

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