“The local presence has further strengthened customer relationships”

To give more substance to the creed, “Local for Local”, a local Canadian organization, was created by Royal Brinkman on June 25, 2021. Now Royal Brinkman Canada is celebrating its first anniversary. A year in which the organization experienced considerable growth and expanded and strengthened its relationships with customers.

Royal Brinkman’s strategy is to have an inventory and a strong local presence in the main horticultural countries of the world, also called “Local for Local”. With the establishment of the branch in Canada, it is possible to offer stock items to horticultural entrepreneurs in North America. With the appointment of Account Managers, Arie Alblas and Berry Blom and the acquisition of KAM’s Growers Supply Inc., the Canadian organization now has a solid foundation to further realize its ambitions.

Berry Blom, Arie Alblas and Roy Middelburg.

One year of Royal Brinkman Canada
The first year can be called very successful. Roy Middelburg, Area Manager of Royal Brinkman: “Looking back on the past year, I am very proud. The team worked hard and achieved many successes. What I’m most proud of is that our North American customers keep coming back to us. . It shows confidence and appreciation.” Success and job satisfaction often go hand in hand. “Time flies when you’re having fun,” says Arie Alblas. is also important in addition to being successful. Last year, I was the only local representative. In the past, I had thought about responding to vacancies at KAM because the company appealed to me so much. Now Royal Brinkman has taken over KAM’S, and I have gained many wonderful colleagues.”

Client orientation
Royal Brinkman puts the customer first worldwide, including Canada. Therefore, customer needs have been carefully considered and listened to. Over the past year, the product line has been expanded, local inventory has been completed and the assortment has been adapted to the Canadian market. Arie Alblas: “You are free to ask questions, and of course we have done that on several occasions. We like to reflect and seek solutions adapted to the situation of the producer. Last year has also shown that it is important not to look at the horticultural market in general, but to be partners with the individual grower. Each horticultural business is unique, and it is important to offer personalized products. Considering the growing customer base and satisfied feedback we receive, we are doing well in this area. respect.”

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