The Portuguese distribution chain Bluebird has increased the efficiency of its customer service

Bluebird is a Portuguese chain of stores specializing in watches and jewelry since 1999. The chain has ten physical stores in Portugal as well as an online e-commerce platform that delivers to Portugal, Spain and other countries in the EU. ‘European Union.

For Bluebird, the customer always comes first. For this reason, the company constantly strives to offer a personalized service that accompanies the customer throughout the purchase process. This personalization of customer service is consistent both in physical stores and on the online platform. The brand places the customer approach at the heart of all of its activity.

The consumer decision-making process for watches and jewelry is complex, as customer satisfaction depends on the certainty that they have purchased what is perceived to be the perfect gift. Therefore, companies’ attention to personalized service is essential not only to customer satisfaction, but also to customer loyalty – it is the key to constant and sustainable growth. Bluebird has always faced this responsibility and its customer support services have always been a priority. It is therefore necessary to consolidate all points of contact with customers and accelerate the resolution of their problems. Additionally, developing the performance and resource capacity of the entire customer service department was a critical part of the business requirement.

Bluebird’s challenge was for iMovo to find a solution that not only addressed all of these aspects, but was also suitable for the current size of the team, with a focus on scalability. iMovo has a similar goal – to put the customer first. The entire team, from consultants to individual programmers, strive daily to deliver and realize proposals that meet all client needs through a clear and objective process.

Choosing Zendesk as the ideal tool for Bluebird was a relative choice, since the tool combines all the required features and can also be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization. Zendesk is a customer service platform designed to help businesses build and maintain meaningful relationships with their customers. Zendesk has proven to be ideal for Bluebird because it not only facilitates the interaction between the customer and the business, but also the overall management of those interactions by customer service. It also integrates all channels and enables analytics and reporting so actions and adjustments can be made immediately.

The iMovo team involved both the Bluebird Operations Manager and the Customer Service team to ensure a smooth and seamless implementation. Prior to this implementation, customers were raising requests through different communication channels, which made it difficult to track and resolve their issues. But thanks to Zendesk, this custom system now assigns a ticket to each customer, which helps customer service handle each issue effectively and efficiently as it is stored in the customer’s account. In fact, “having iMovo as an advisor during this project was ideal because they always took responsibility and offered alternative solutions that met our needs”, according to Susana Andrade, Director of Operations at Bluebird.

Bluebird now uses a powerful tool that unifies all customer service channels and implements them according to business needs. This not only makes customer service more efficient, but also stronger and better. The whole process went smoothly, thanks to the experience of iMovo’s project managers with clients like Bluebird.

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