Top tips for improving customer loyalty

Loyal customers are invaluable when it comes to maintaining a successful business.

Not only do they spend more money with your business over time, but they act as free marketing for your products or services. However, it can be difficult to maintain brand loyalty if you don’t follow best practices.

Looking for ways to improve customer loyalty in your business? Here are our top tips for winning repeat customers.

Collect and store customer data

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Understanding your customers is key to retaining them. Gather as much information about them as possible to improve their shopping experience. Useful data includes their name, birthday, gender, location, marital status, if they have children, how they interact with other online businesses, purchase history, browser history, and more.

Not only do you need to collect the information, but storing that data is important to the future of your business. Think of it as building a profile of every customer that interacts with your store to create more effective marketing strategies. Store this information in a customer relationship management (CRM) system like Creatio is the perfect way to organize data and automate marketing strategies for applicable target markets.

Personalize messaging

This stored data allows your marketing team to personalize messaging to certain customer groups. For example, every June 1st, you can send personalized emails to customers who have indicated that their birthday is in June and offer a special discount or a gift to these people.

Personalized messaging is also similar to sending relevant blogs, product launch notifications, etc.

Deliver exceptional communication

Customer loyalty requires impeccable communication. When customers contact your business with questions or concerns, what quality of service do you provide them? Is it easy for potential or regular customers to get in touch with a live agent to learn more about a product or service? Do you offer multiple channels to access your customer service?

The most successful businesses offer a variety of customer service channels, including social media, phone, email and live online chat. The harder it is to answer questions or concerns, the less likely that person is to make a first or repeat purchase from your business.

Anticipating customer needs

The data you collect about customers also helps you anticipate their future needs. If you know that a certain customer reorders dog food every three months, you can make sure there is enough stock available at that time, offer timely discount, or just send a order reminder.

Ask for feedback

Nothing tells a customer you care more than openly asking for feedback. Create easy ways for customers to provide honest feedback after any transaction or customer service experience.

Feedback is essential to honing your customer service skills and improve the way you do business. For example, if you start to see a trend of frustrated customers interacting with your customer service team over the phone, you might want to adjust how this process works.

CRMs make it easier to retain customers

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Gathering and storing all this customer information might seem like a daunting task, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. CRMs offer comprehensive user interfaces, interactive dashboards, business processes, analytics and management capabilities.

So whether you’re gathering initial customer data, storing feedback, sending out specialized marketing, providing customer service, or anticipating your customer’s needs, it’s all in place.

Joseph P. Harris