Transactional messaging with flexEngage helps build customer loyalty after every retail purchase

For retailers looking to build closer relationships with their customers, flexEngage’s digital receipts and other transactional solutions may be just the thing to keep shoppers coming back.

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February 24, 2022

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 24, 2022 ( –
flexEngage is a transactional marketing company that provides retailers with data-driven retail solutions to build more effective and profitable relationships with their customers. As one of the best post-purchase marketing companies in the industry, flexEngage has a proven track record of retail marketing innovation, providing fully personalized transactional messaging that reduces churn for retailers focused on the brand and ensures they interact with customers when and where it really matters.

Transactional messages, including personalized receipt marketing strategies, help take the guesswork out of the online shopping experience. This helps build customer trust and loyalty while encouraging customer retention, which goes a long way in helping retailers compete online and offline. And because timing is everything, flexEngage works with retailers to optimize the delivery of their messages, increasing brand credibility and mitigating the loss of existing and potential customers.

With digital receipt solutions and more transactional documents with flexEngage, retailers are able to break out of the mold of cookie-cutter marketing. That means no more annoying messages, no more missed opportunities, and no more time wasted on receipt maintenance. Instead, retailers have the tools they need to stay on top of omnichannel retail trends, with transactional messages that build customer loyalty through convenience and engage customers beyond the point of sale. purchase.

flexEngage partners with retailers to create bespoke service packages uniquely designed to meet any major goals and priorities. Whether the goal is to drive more site and in-store traffic, encourage repeat purchases, or increase brand loyalty, flexEngage has targeted tools to achieve this, including a host of receipts and order tracking system solutions that are easy to integrate into existing processes.

Better customer relationships mean better sales, better reputation and better business. Work with flexEngage to facilitate internal operations and provide all customers with the best post-purchase experience, and get in touch to learn more about new flexEngage services that will be launching soon, such as improved data collection through first-party cookie tracking.

About FlexEngage

flexEngage is an Orlando-based transactional marketing company that works with retailers to take the guesswork out of providing customers with the best possible experience. Through innovative solutions, flexEngage helps streamline all aspects of the post-purchase period, engaging with customers at various unique touchpoints with personalized content and recommendations that encourage future sales.

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