Use SMS to Build Customer Loyalty and Loyalty

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Want to reach your customers with personalized text messages at low cost? Of course you are! Find great strategies, tips, and tactics in “The SMS Marketing Guide to Customer Loyalty and Retention,” a 30-page e-book from Attentive, an SMS marketing solutions company.

The authors spoke to loyalty and retention experts from SMS, loyalty and customer service companies, as well as direct-to-consumer brands to gather their top tips, strategies and tips. keys to creating a marketer’s guide on how to think about the role of SMS in boosting customer retention in the digital age.

The report contains 6 chapters: 1) a brief history of customer loyalty; 2) the rise of e-commerce; 3) why SMS is essential for customer loyalty; 4) KPIs for customer retention; 5) 3 transparent customer retention strategies; and 6) 8 best practices for using SMS to support your customer retention efforts.

Below is an “overview” of these 8 best practices. To learn more about each, as well as the rest of the eBook (free download), click here.

8 Best Practices for Using SMS to Build Customer Loyalty

  1. Send messages that add value.

  1. Customize everything.

  1. Integrate SMS with other marketing channels to improve customer experience.

  1. Automate, automate, automate.

  1. Be generous and intentional with your loyal customers.

  1. Don’t forget the customers who need a little help.

  1. Engage, engage, engage.

  1. Prioritize your brand story.

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