What Felix Mobile does to keep customer support profitable

There is a lot to be said for the business benefits of providing exceptional customer support. But no matter how that support is provided, there is always a cost somewhere.

This is not good news for a new business looking to grow quickly, especially in a very competitive industry that does not have a great reputation for customer satisfaction. This question of how to provide exceptional customer support at a low cost has been on Michael Dominish’s mind since joining the mobile telecommunications startup brand, felix Mobile, in early 2020 as a customer service manager. digital.

“We aim to be a truly simple, customer-centric brand in terms of selling our product, communicating with customers, serving customers, and the enrollment and activation process,” Dominish said. Marketing director.

“The more we grow, the more difficult it is to control the quality of service we are aiming for. As the base grows, my challenge is how to make sure I don’t need to evolve with it.

Felix Mobile’s customer proposition is based on a simple prepaid product that offers unlimited data at speeds of up to 20 Mbps with unlimited calling and texting here in Australia. The company has also set out to attract environmentally conscious customers by offering a carbon neutral service powered 100% by renewable energy, and felix Mobile plants a tree for each customer each month.

The entire customer experience is hosted in the Felix Mobile app, which is the channel through which customers sign up and interact with the business.

Today, felix Mobile operates a lean customer service team of just 10 people and has maintained an average first response time of 32 seconds during business hours. Dominish, however, was aware from the start of the challenges he will face as the business grows and the need to strike a balance between exceptional support and his desire to keep a small team.

“The best experience is that our customers don’t have to contact us,” says Dominish. “So deep down, when I think about scale, that’s the key to me in what we design. He should minimize this need from the start. Our products, app, and digital experience need to be so simple that most of the time, customers have to do the heavy lifting. ”

The technological toolbox

Since no telecom provider has yet worked out the magic formula for flawless service and processes, Felix Mobile has chosen Freshworks as their primary customer support platform. Dominish says this decision was driven in part by the ability to integrate the Freshchat service directly into the Felix Mobile app.

“We needed a CRM platform to be able to handle the back-end and the management of tickets,” explains Dominish. “If the customer opens the app, when chatting with an agent, we wanted it to be an extension of the app experience. This integration is critical because it is a live integration with our back end, and we get live customer data that we know to be accurate. This gives the correct information to our agent so that he can see what he needs to see in order to continue. ”

Felix Mobile has also invested in an AI-based chatbot powered by Freshworks to provide another layer of customer interaction.

“We didn’t embrace this because we didn’t need it,” says Dominish. “We’re fine-tuning this as we go along, so when we need to put this in to help with our volume, it’s more likely to be well received.”

In the meantime, Dominish says he and his team pay attention to all the feedback customers provide and use it not only to improve the customer service experience, but also to improve Felix Mobile’s product offering.

“I use all the information I receive from Freshdesk as well as our survey program and social media, to help influence our product roadmap and how we update content on our site,” says Dominish .

Therefore, he was thrilled to see that when customers talked about experiences like the signup process, they said how easy it was.

“We have a young clientele and we have to earn our stripes and with these first users. We have to do it right for them, because stuffing everything together will not get them the experience they need, and we will not achieve the critical mass that we are looking for, ”Dominish said. “So we’re obsessed with our early adopters.

“The hallmark of success for me and my team will be keeping things small and not hearing from customers, rather than figuring out how to best support large-scale customer interactions. ”

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Joseph P. Harris